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  1. Bezzra

    Love it
  2. Bezzra

    Great work
  3. Bezzra

    It's been buffed since my thing We got a nice 12 player base on Santos
  4. Bezzra

    The PD is under the Commissioner's control, which is Cordone. On the roster, you have around 15 "active cops." I would say only 2-4 actually get on during weekdays. Also, some of those people have quit or just don't join because the player count has been terrible. Talking about the player count, around 5 of our active players have quit and gone to Steele this was due to many reasons such as cars going into flames instantly, the map is not great(only because we have no players) and overall toxicities in OOC. After people would die, they would always say "nice initiation" or "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT" and lastly, "YOU FUCKING PAID FOR PERM GUN USER." I've heard stories of having 70 players on the server, and I only saw that on New Exton and Rockford when there were little to no perm guns. Over time, more and more custom guns have sprung into the server. PD, gangs, and regular civilians started to get them. Now, custom cars aren't a problem for the most part. But when you have a civilian with an insurgent crashing into things, that's not good. Lastly, the rules are confusing as hell. Some staff doesn't completely know them because it's insanely long. There are rules that contradict each other, and there are ones that are useless. I've never found Defcon Santos to be a strict RP as it says on the loading screen. I would say it's a DarkRP in the Santos game mode. Yeah, you don't have adverting "raid" or "mug," but there is a DarkRP feel to it. People running around with their physguns, playing laser tag with them to get your attention, and physguning drop boxes. (the box you drop when you die) I believe that many people feel this way. I hope this would change, for the better of the server. @lil robbie @Garrett @Elijah @Muscle @caden
  5. Bezzra

    Change the map the players want it You said you would change it if the players didn't like it Also, Cars are still broken and go up in flames. Stamina glitches are always a problem. There are no cops on so no one can do much other than do drugs.
  6. Bezzra

    Buff the new craftable guns they are bad compared to the other ones. Also, perm guns should be worse than craftable because they are permanent @Sour @Garrett @Elijah @lil robbie @Ajc40 @James Mira
  7. Bezzra

    I mean it's kinda funny and somewhat realistic, but I see what you mean @lil robbie
  8. Bezzra

    The CBR 600. But I think Harleys and those spider 3 wheeled bikes would be cool
  9. Bezzra

    How about adding some new bikes. That would be pretty dope. Bikes on Santos... I mean a bike just one and it's VIP so that's a thing. Who thinks we need more bikes and accessible to everyone.
  10. Bezzra

    @Tyrece Santana Anyone knows how to rotate the camera like in these pics so it faces you(when I tried to alt to rotate it wouldn't allow me to hit alt and take a screenshot)
  11. Bezzra

    How did you get pictures of yourself because when I tried to 3rd person and alt around to take a screenshot it didn't work
  12. Bezzra
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