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  1. Moore

    Not necessarily. It’s not OP like that, it cannot be used back to back. Regardless we made it so it does not give back armor, and like stated above, it can only be used once per life to prevent people from constantly healing themselves. If it gets out of hand we can implement rules like the body armor stacking in the middle of a gunfight and nerf the shot itself.
  2. Moore

    That’s something the PD and DOJ will work out really soon. People get paid just for being in the courtroom, the more people the higher pay.
  3. Moore

    Depends on what you do. There is no set time. It could me 15 minutes or it could be up to 5 hours. Also depends on what the DOJ decides to do about times. I would contact @Sour for more info
  4. Moore

    Do u want to fucking die?
  5. Moore

    Then don’t do dumb crimes and get yourself stuck on probabtion.
  6. Moore

    Hes pretty fucking hot
  7. Moore

    He fixed it so police no longer get health and instead get 100 armor.
  8. Moore

    Bitcoin was added to the server today I made a video tutorial to help you guys! Here is also a step by step guide. 1. Goto the hardware store 2. Buy 1 power generator and 3 power generator fuel (recommended) 3. Head to the electronic store (located next to the clothes store) 4. Buy a bitcoin machine (VIP's can buy 2, members can buy 1) then buy 1 Bitcoin Machine Plug for every Bitcoin Machine you bought. 5. Buy a house/find a place to base. Then go there. 6. Place down the Bitcoin Machine(s) and power generator. 7. Place down the Machine Plug(s) (black side connects to bitcoin machine, white side connects to generator) 8. On the fuel generator, there are 2 bars. - The one on the bottom is the fuel - The one on the top is how much power it is outputting. 9. To start mining press E on the Bitcoin Machine and type "help" a list of commands will pop up. 10. To begin mining type "mining start". 11. To check how much money you made type "bitcoin info" 12. To sell the bitcoin type "bitcoin sell" 13. START MAKING $$$!!!! POST ANY QUESTIONS BELOW!!!
  9. Moore

    No of course not, but we cannot satisfy every person on the server. There will always be stuff people do not like, for awhile now it has seemed like the map is kind of a neutral issue on the server. Many players want it to be Rockford while another handful wants it to be evocity. If it is genuinely a huge issue on the server the management will make efforts to change it. Maybe we can schedule a time to speak about this 1 on 1 in ts PM me if interested.
  10. Moore

    We change the map like every 2 months....... no
  11. Moore

    ^^ fuck Minecraft where is roblox?
  12. Moore


    1. Sour


      Don't be sad I'm leaving.

      If shit changes I will be back in a heartbeat.

    2. Moore


      I know what you mean.

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