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  1. Michale Canyon

    Actually Val did bring TFA to Purge a year or two ago, but we all hated it and they reverted back to M9K, the main reason M9K is fitting for Purge is cuz its very fast action based(due to Purge), but TFA is good for RP not DM
  2. Michale Canyon

    Unless you fixed it already, bank actually after first interest growth goes into negatives like -400% and if you try to take the money out it actually takes more money from you 😛
  3. Michale Canyon

    I gotta check this out, well time to redownload Garry`s mod agen :p
  4. Michale Canyon

    Actually good update
  5. Michale Canyon

    no HSV , No Flash etc. for everyone below SA(including Senior Administrators), that shit is gay.
  6. Michale Canyon

    Update is cool and all but the chatbox f-ed up everyones binds so no more fancy adverts
  7. Michale Canyon

    I thought it was against minging, and i guess thats a good reason(although i´t doesnt affect me since i bought lifetime vip before being staff) :D
  8. Michale Canyon

    Can somebody explain why tv was changed to VIP only?
  9. Michale Canyon

    yay... finally a update for purge
  10. Michale Canyon

    The update schedule : CityRP,SlaveRP,SchoolRP,PurgeRP
  11. Michale Canyon

    @BroIamBro He needs to fix alot of jobs since there are probz other jobs that don`t have acces to any tools like hobo and founding father
  12. Michale Canyon

    Lets hope this update rejuvenates the purge community, but otherwise good update :D
  13. Michale Canyon

    @Sgt.Val After the f4 menu update what happened to the drug dealer npc since its not at spawn and cant find it anywhere on the map.
  14. Michale Canyon

    Thanks for the awesome update man and rly tnx for adding back the vip store :D
  15. Michale Canyon

    cant do !orgmenu which is essential for organizations
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