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  1. James Mira

    MilitaryRP is my vote
  2. James Mira

    Damn wish the Santos change logs could look like this
  3. James Mira

    James Mira

  4. James Mira

    James Mira

  5. James Mira

    This update is sweet! Thanks for the new content!
  6. James Mira

    Thanks for the update - Love seeing stretchers back - Love the new Booster menu - Less join time is always a +1 for me since my garbage internet Would love to see limitations on what goes in the gang lockers from now, forward.
  7. James Mira

    11/10 sick trix dood
  8. James Mira

    I disagree, perm guns cost way too much for them to be shitty
  9. James Mira

    Nice update but what about MSGA? MAKE SANTOS GREAT AGAIN
  10. James Mira

    +1 nice nig
  11. James Mira

    @Sour But what about cosmetic carry weight still broken lol
  12. James Mira

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