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John Peppers

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  1. John Peppers

    @lil robbie boi, giving me a SUS emote. Boi, i oughta kick yer ass South west VA style boi!
  2. John Peppers

    yee. Add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198277144891
  3. John Peppers

    Santos is dead and overrated. Police was were it was at.
  4. John Peppers

    ehh at least its not school shooter rp.
  5. John Peppers

    hey val, maybe be able to take a transport crate of meth and put in pocket. when u put it in ur pocket you lose it all. pls fix
  6. John Peppers

    Yes, I would like that. So police can roleplay a bit more effective.
  7. John Peppers

    Oh, and maybe A NEW FUCKING MAP. ~John Peppers
  8. John Peppers

    generally, how much money do you make?
  9. John Peppers

    well im fucking sorry you wanks.
  10. John Peppers

    is bitmining illegal?
  11. John Peppers

    Oh good god. Val, i know this well bring more people for the server. But EVERY SINGLE TIME I AM LOSING MY FRAMES, AND I THINK IT IS THE MAP. PLEASE FOR THE LOOOOOOVEEEE OF GOD, PLEASE CHANGE THE DAMN MAP. I GO FROM 30-35 FPS TO FUCKING 10 OR 6 FPS. @Justin Albert @Sgt.Val @Cordone ♥ THE PEOPLE WANT IT! IM PISSING KIDNEY STONES! ok im not triggered anymore...
  12. John Peppers

    How about we get a new map yeah?
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