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  1. John Graffiti

    So Your Interested In Robbing The Jewelry Store? Well You Will Need These Things Before You Get Started! Find A VIP Gun Dealer To Get These Items And Buy - Jewelry Hammer/Glass Hammer 200$ - Jewelry Cellphone/Robbery Cellphone 100$ -Jewelry Bag 500$ Now That You Bought Those Get Ready To Rob Next To The Casino You Will Find This Store Go Their With All The Supplies Enter The Store And Go Up To One Of The Boxes Make Sure The Bag Is On Your Back And Equip Your Hammer And Start Breaking Then Press E On The Jewelry But Watch Out For The Cops After You Have Grabbed It All It Should be Empty And It Should Say Backpack Content And A Number Now Run And Get Somewhere Safe, After Your Safe Grab This With The Bag On Your Back Right Click On This And Look Under Your Chat Box And He Will Give You A Location To Meet Him The Location Looks Like This Its Somewhere On Your Screen Just Look Around (Sorry Its Small) He Will Look Like This When You Find Him Then Make A Deal You Feel Comfortable With (He Has A Chance Of Rejecting It) If You Are Still Confused Please DM Me And I Will Get Right To It Thank You - John Graffiti!
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