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  1. [DN]Atom

    MrBobstalobsta is Slav Empire ingame (just for you guys to know)
  2. Name of Organization: Slav Nation Mission Statement / Backstory: We are a group of friends set out on a quest to become the greatest Slav Themed class/org on the server, we shall protect our members, make alliances with fellow orgs, and make an empire for us to thrive in. How many members do you have in your organization? (Must have 5 besides yourself): Slav Empire -STEAM_0:0:50662232 CarmTheKid -STEAM_0:1:124453130 Grumpy SaberTooth -STEAM_0:0:194562323 Surgey -STEAM_0:0:419219689 Kuroi Yurei -STEAM_0:0:463911533 What is the rank structure of your organization?: Member-Trusted-Co owner- Owner -Slav King(class) -Electro Pulse(high slav king owners)(Class) Any extra information about the organization? (Logos, Slogans, etc.): Yeetilious --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will you commit to making players learn the rules that are in your organization, and to promote the support of new players instead of harassing them? Yes Will you promote good behavior in your organization? Yes Do you plan to keep the activity level high on your organization? Yes Do you understand that if you violate any rules for the organizations that your org can be revoked/removed? Yes
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