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  1. [DN] Kimmy son (SM)

    is it still good?
  2. [DN] Kimmy son (SM)

    thinking of hoping on again
  3. [DN] Kimmy son (SM)

    Me and lee will be hosting a Faction wide meeting on Saturday, at 6 PM CST(7PM EST). Bring any questions, comments, or concerns you have regarding the faction! See y'all there.
  4. [DN] Kimmy son (SM)

    Name: kimmy son Age: 14 Time Zone: EST Steam id: STEAM_0:0:203837828 Rank: SA Favourite Server Manager(old or current): MCDONALD Hire Date: 2017
  5. [DN] Kimmy son (SM)

    hey that's pretty good
  6. [DN] Kimmy son (SM)

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