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  1. MagicTits

    Accepted Team speak channel will be created tonight. Enjoy and have fun.
  2. MagicTits

    Accepted Team speak channel has been created. Enjoy and have fun.
  3. MagicTits

    Nutty update bois
  4. PoliceRP Organization Application Organization Name: How many members do you have in your organization? (Must have 5 besides yourself): Mission Statement: Any extra information about the organization? (Logos, Slogans, etc.): Will you commit to making players learn the rules that are in your organization? Will you commit to promoting the support of new players instead of harassing them? Do you plan to keep the activity level high on your organization?
  5. MagicTits

    Dank memes, @TheJinx rules involving the class will be added later today.
  6. MagicTits

    Lit up date, purge needed some real love for awhile now.
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