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  1. L Benn

    That "easter event" animation is pog.
  2. L Benn

    Now this, is epic.
  3. L Benn

    I make Purge cool sir. Thank you.
  4. L Benn

    Yes! This is the update that we have been working on and waiting for! Now, this is E P I C! I know this update was immensely hard to complete and I thank you for the hard work. Very good sir! Thank you! But fr tho where tf is our update bruh? I'm waiting fucker.
  5. L Benn

    Let's just say, that I see more on this changelog than others.
  6. L Benn

    Looking forward to getting some of these on my custom class! Thank you for the updates. You and the SM's of Police worked hard on this. Appreciate the work!
  7. L Benn

    ACCEPTED Congratulations on the new organization! Your TeamSpeak channel will be created in the near future! @dredded187 Contact me in TeamSpeak and I'll hook you up with channel owner.
  8. L Benn

    Dude that new Ford Mustang is gonna be fire. Great work.
  9. L Benn

    Added one for you Squid.
  10. Shadow Mercenaries Have you ever thought about becoming a part of the best? Have you ever thought about becoming a part of a family on the server? Well join Shadow Mercenaries! We're a family like no other, and we protect each other and base/raid together whenever possible. In this organization, you'll have constant protection and friends to roleplay with. We're currently fighting a war against another organization, "The British Troopers", but we're confident that we will definitely win this war. So join the best, Shadow Mercenaries. Tryouts are almost held every day, just be sure to be on the server to attend them! https://discord.gg/NTRXTGp ~Stay in the Shadows~
  11. L Benn

    2/23/2019 All rules have been reformatted/edited and revised. Please take a moment to read over the new format and changes.
  12. L Benn

    @[DN]Atom You need to get 2 more members to comment on your post.
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