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  1. Phil  Swift

    #FuckThePiano Good work boys, really nice update
  2. Phil  Swift

  3. Phil  Swift

    awesome update, good job
  4. Phil  Swift

    +1 Best org, and it was named after you m'lord @Squidy
  5. @Sgt.Val For PoliceRP only staff can use it, it just continues to say “VIP+” whenever I try to use them.
  6. Phil  Swift

    no lol what they need is to buff the values on xans so we can have a better system than weed
  7. Phil  Swift

    you made me think we got an update you lmfao
  8. Phil  Swift

    Admins can't physgun/remove other player's props anymore
  9. Phil  Swift

    Staff can't access logs anymore
  10. Phil  Swift

    Thank you for this update!
  11. Phil  Swift

    especially that military barret
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