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  1. Ryan The Epic Guy

    Using brakes damages the cars. Also big beefy vehicles break extremely easily which makes no sense. A Humvee can take more abuse then a small car rear ending it before bursting into flames...
  2. Ryan The Epic Guy

    Ryan The Epic Guy

  3. Ryan The Epic Guy

    use Imgur. you can insert an attachment via URL and it will show the picture that the URL leads to. That allows you to upload a bunch of pictures to Imgur (which has no max file limit bs) which you can edit if needed before right clicking a picture, copying link location, and pasting the link into the insert file from URL textbox, and repeating until all pictures are in your post. If that made no sense pm me I'll give you a better explanation Hope that helped! -Ryan The Epic Guy
  4. Ryan The Epic Guy

    View the gallery for the highest quality and Titles *These took many hours to make. I apologize that the resolution is bad. It is Imgur that caused that.
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