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  1. sephie

    Yeah, none of them are online atm.
  2. Name of Organization: Paradox Mission Statement / Backstory: Hidden military branch that went rogue that came to the town for a sole purpose of Purging. We want to grow our branch's member count. How many members do you have in your organization? (Must have 5 besides yourself): 5 (Besides myself) Members: Aeo - STEAM_0:0:232760892 Reson_Lord - STEAM_0:0:179735325 Varon Black - STEAM_0:0:451809147 ayaya - STEAM_0:1:196843316 Swiss Cheese - STEAM_0:1:47658594 What is the rank structure of your organization?: (I don't understand this question well but-) .Private .Sergeant .Lieutenant .General Any extra information about the organization? (Logos, Slogans, etc.): We have a logo. Thats it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will you commit to making players learn the rules that are in your organization, and to promote the support of new players instead of harassing them? Yes Will you promote good behavior in your organization? Yes Do you plan to keep the activity level high on your organization? Yes Do you understand that if you violate any rules for the organizations that your org can be revoked/removed? Yes
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