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  1. Maybe

    Anyone looking for a minecraft account just pm me. I will give them away for free as well
  2. Want to join one of the oldest orgs on the server? Want to become part of the Elite? Join Umbrella Corp! We host trials in which are known to be hard to pass, this to ensure all of our members meet our standards and follow server rules. Umbrella Corp is in place to keep balance on the server, see a large org raiding a new player? Raid their base with ease as Umbrella corps Custom Classes supply you with weaponry to do so. Fight alongside your fellow Corp Members and keep the players in check as they go on with their day to day work. We currently remain neutral on the server, avoiding enemies, avoiding allies, mostly because if anyone tried to pick a war with us... They'd lose. Feel free to stop by our tryouts which are hosted regularly! Stop in our discord for announcements 30 minutes before each trial is hosted. htps://discord.gg/7qW45c "We fight to keep balance, Death to those who get in our way"
  3. Maybe

    Big Bet
  4. Name of Organization: Umbrella Corp Mission Statement / Backstory: Umbrella Corp is a large org made to keep the server in order. We are an org to keep new players safe and raid those who attempt to punish them. We recruit elite members of the Community and aim to keep members who closely follow the rules and are dedicated to the org itself. How many members do you have in your organization? (Must have 5 besides yourself): 10 Jem : STEAM_0:0:151278524 Joe Juan WeeWee : STEAM_0:1:72024210 BigDaddyPingu : STEAM_0:1:102683846 Yess Papa : STEAM_0:1:449272201 herecomesdatboi : STEAM_0:0:134754830 LBenn : STEAM_0:0:419514548 Logan Chill : STEAM_0:1:162441107 Karmah STEAM_0:0:63756525 Maybe : STEAM_0:1:91382077 Ally : STEAM_0:0:218692360 Blyatman STEAM_0:0:419503507 What is the rank structure of your organization?: Leader Co-Leader Recruter Trusted Member Recruit Any extra information about the organization? (Logos, Slogans, etc.): Logo : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5f/1c/51/5f1c51121423461d69537617c2faf00e.jpg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will you commit to making players learn the rules that are in your organization, and to promote the support of new players instead of harassing them? Yes Will you promote good behavior in your organization? Yes Do you plan to keep the activity level high on your organization? Yes Do you understand that if you violate any rules for the organizations that your org can be revoked/removed? Yes
  5. Maybe

    @Karmah's screenshot, his wont load for some reason
  6. Maybe

    idk if thats what they want to show on entry lol
  7. Maybe

    *UC Casually waiting to submit all entries at once* Purge has some serious competition
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