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  1. Squidy

    1942 yes please, also a zombiebreak would be cool, don’t know if you heard of it before
  2. Squidy

    You can never have to many
  3. Squidy

    Lol we need the 1v1 battle guy back, that was fun
  4. Squidy

    im in, these purge staff are a bunch of softies
  5. Squidy

    This is for policerp but yeah that’s kinda why I said it 0-0
  6. Squidy

    Just add more musical instruments
  7. Squidy

    Server crashes so much you need a system to refund people... but still looks like a good update 🙂
  8. Squidy

    Lol wut a loser
  9. Squidy

    yay i cant... go into staff mode... who would do that lol.
  10. Squidy

    Ok but when is prison coming out
  11. Squidy

    -1 wut u need money for you can spawn in guns
  12. Squidy

    @Sour you gonna let him get away with that? thats like a felony isent it
  13. Squidy

    Hmm maybe I’ll play for that delivery job...
  14. Squidy

    Ha good luck with that I'm 3500ft under the water
  15. Squidy

    Hehe I'm so cool I knew before this post was made hehe
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