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  1. Ninjab0y87

    @Dab Judge class is broken. VIPGoldcant access it
  2. Ninjab0y87

    VIPGOLd cant access judge
  3. Ninjab0y87

    Finally, a good update
  4. Ninjab0y87

    Thank god. Now I may come back sooner than I thought
  5. Ninjab0y87

    MethRP is hopefully next
  6. Ninjab0y87

    @Sgt.Val The text screens and the image screens dont work
  7. Ninjab0y87

    @Sgt.Val No class can use the drug pot
  8. Ninjab0y87

    @Sgt.Val Please add to MethRP
  9. Ninjab0y87

    @Sgt.Val The driver license is somewhat broken. Sometimes you have to re-log for people to see the check-marks and when you change classes it breaks, on there id you can see your name and everything. Last thing The Military test it also broken; the car doesn't spawn.
  10. Ninjab0y87

    Found out
  11. Ninjab0y87

    Plogs will change everything
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