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  1. Snipez

    I'm from the inactive server
  2. Snipez

    Corn husker Also not anymore lmao
  3. Snipez

  4. Snipez

    Name: snipez Age: 16 Time Zone: EST Steam id: STEAM_0:1:111250127 Rank: Server Manager Favourite Server Manager(old or current): Fame Hire Date: Early 2017
  5. Snipez

    Did i hear new helicopters?
  6. Snipez

    Same i had 30 and 1.5 so idk but imma just have to grind again
  7. Snipez

    What stairway are you talking about?
  8. Snipez

    What u doing tony
  9. Snipez

    How To Make Beer *Only The Outlaw Trafficker Can Manufacture Moonshine* Step 1 Purchase a Beer Bucket (Max Of 2) From the F4 menu under Purchasables. Step 2 Buy water from the same menu as the beer bucket and use your gravity gun to combine the two by dragging the water into the bucket. Step 3 Purchase a Mash Turn and fill It with the same water using the exact same method you used in step 2. Then purchase barley and drag it into the mash turn and press "E" to start the machine. When it finishes it will spit out a bag of malted barley. Then combine the Malted barley and the Bucket of beer. Step 4 Purchase a Lauter Tun and insert "Hops" into the machine using your gravity gun(Takes 2 per Bucket of beer). Then drag the bucket into the lauter tun and wait for the status bar to completely drain. Then drag the Bucket of beer back into the machine to get the beer. Step 5 Simply wait for it to cool. Step 6 Add 2 or 3 Yeast to the bucket using the gravity gun. Step 7 Buy a Fermentation barrel and connect a CO2 Canister to the left side of the indicated pipe. If the CO2 Canister is not connected you will produce a ruined beer which cannot be sold. Then simply drag the beer bucket into the Fermentation and wait for the status bar to drain. Then recollect your beer once done. Step 8 Disconnect your CO2 Canister from your Fermentation Barrel by pressing "E" on it. Then continue to combine it with your Bucket of Beer. (Don't forget to reconnect it to your Fermentation barrel for your next batch) Step 9 Buy Empty bottles from the F4 menu and drag them through the bucket full of beer. Then place them in a beer crate(Maximum of 20 per crate) using the gravity gun. Step 10 Find the beer and moonshine buyer located next to lake directly to the left of the house. Place your crate next to the buyer and press "E" and your money will be directly deposited into your wallet. *If you are still having issues after reading this guide feel free to ask a staff member for help*
  10. Snipez

    Totally Agree with ya. They should be expensive cause their a permanent weapon too and some of those are pretty op
  11. Snipez

    Update : In general, I think this update is awesome and makes RP a little more real as the guns are more from that time period as compared to before where at least in my opinion felt a little out of place. Although it will take a while to get used to I like the change. The gun price changes are good too as not as many people will be able to afford guns and cause them to play more in order to buy the thing they want. It will also cause more people to be more careful when carrying these as they are harder to get. Below are some bugs/issues I found from the hour or so I was on playing around with the new stuff. Bugs/Issues - Colt spelling error -Cant Buy Weapon Attachments As Blackmarket Dealer -The Axe melee weapon sold by black market dealer is called "New Gun" -Players have reported losing whitelists to classes they were whitelisted too. Suggestions -VIP Peacekeeper Heavy Should spawn with a variation of an Owen Or Sten as it only spawns with a Mac-10 and Pistol which sorta defeats the purpose of calling it a Heavy. -Weapon Attachments should be purchasable from the F4 menu as there is not always a Gun dealer online and classes that spawn with a sniper are pretty much screwed because no gun spawns with attachments. -Ammo Crates and Kits Should be purchasable from F4 as well due to the fact most weapons spawn with only 1 or 2 clips and spam buying Small ammo kits is annoying in my opinion @Sgt.Val @Bacon Potato Cat
  12. Snipez

    ill have to try these out I'll post an update once I get in game
  13. Snipez

    @Happy The Banger lol rip but Thanks for the updates
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