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  1. Weston Devanche

    @Sgt.Val Val I imagine @cwg| sunrise would appreciate EMS staying whitelisted. I would too
  2. Meth RP

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    Admin- MethRP




    Weston Devanche

    Emergency Medical Services


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  3. @Roman Hey roman, I know I never knew you in Defcon I still feel like we are pretty close. It is very sad to hear about you having cancer and I wish you the best of luck. You have probably never heard of me either but that doesnt matter. You  can do almost anything as long as you try and It is possible to beat cancer. Again I wish you the best and luck and Kick cancers ass!

  4. Weston Devanche

    ∆ paid for
  5. Im back and im better muddafuckas


  6. I just bought a 130 dollar microphone at 3 in the fucking morning. Yay me.

  7. hello everyone I wanted to post a little thing about me. I am 14 go to a school that sucks... Doesnt every school though? I do fly planes. Dont believe me???? there you go. I am a part of the Moster Army. (all hail the great Tmoster) Obviously like you I like to play games. I am already planning collage and my job. I want to join the Navy. I am in Civil Air Patrol its the auxiliary of the USAF. We do search and rescue missions and other tasks that assist the community, I am a A1C (Airman first class). I am originally from New Hampshire but i moved to Florida. Thats really it. BTW I will not play more Methrp or any game on PC till i go back to NH because the computer I have here is pretty shitty. My gaming computer will handle The games I play. I will be back on June 8th 2016. Have a good day!!! Happy mothers day!!!!. -Patrik


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