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  1. I Recommend This moderator to be a leader and most helpful person.

    Great job :ok:thumbup

    1. Confuzzled Australian

      Confuzzled Australian

      Thanks dank I've grown to like you too!

  2. Foxy I have nothing against you but sometimes I felt left out when you would just work with CIA and you are a great Sheriff.

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    2. Confuzzled Australian

      Confuzzled Australian

      it's ok @Foxy | I still like u and I will still work with you also you are the best sheriff I've ever known I think your even better than Chevy.

    3. Confuzzled Australian
    4. Foxy |
  3. Is the SIU going to be a private org?

    1. Foxy |

      Foxy |

      Not that i know but i have a suspicion that @James Peirce is moving SIU to CIA

  4. Hi, if you are ever on TS feel free to join my channel  it is called at the mo Rose Root House. 

    As to me calling you a troll, you can be a bit of a minge sometimes i know i had to take a couple of sits with you.

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    2. Rose


      Um maybe,

    3. Confuzzled Australian

      Confuzzled Australian

      I will talk to you soon! And I understand your point of view so I'm not going to argue.

    4. Rose


      whenever you want to

  5. I didn't know you were Australian? Because I am too.

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