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  1. Sour

    not enough
  2. Minecraft Update 5/3/2019 Server specific updates are marked with (OPFactions) with (Skyblock) [Additions] WEEKEND EVENT! Earn TRIPLE Mythic and Legendary keys when using /vote this weekend. (OPFactions) Zhu is back with brand new items and selling all Lootcrate keys for 50% off only for this weekend! (OPFactions) Earn DOUBLE XP this weekend when leveling your McMMO skills. (OPFactions) Voting rewards are now global. Vote on Skyblock, get rewarded on Skyblock AND OPFactions. Donation Store Our donation store is now open and is also completely automatic. We are celebrating with a 25% off sale on ALL packages. Don't miss out! View the store here. New items have landed in the Mythic, Legendary, and Cosmic crates. (OPFactions) Money Printers (Skyblock) These are experimental and may need some future balancing. Atomic Keys can now be earned by suggesting new ideas for the server. (OPFactions) The suggestions must be added before the keys are awarded. This system is similar to the Bug Report reward system. Spawn building Hall of Fame has been renovated and now displays the following: (OPFactions) All staff members. 3 most recent Donators per Tier. Top Donator & Recent Donator 2 new NPCs have arrived in spawn. (OPFactions) Auctioner - A physical form of viewing the Player Auctions. Blacksmith - Sells unique armor sets & shields. Stock will cycle every 2 weeks or so. [Updates] Spawn Shop, Blacksmith, & Zhu prices have been permanently adjusted. (OPFactions) Monthly Store items have been refreshed. (OPFactions) [Fixes] Island level not being displayed properly in /is. (Skyblock) Tutorial Room not displaying tutorials. (OPFactions) Soulbinder & Soulcrusher prices being flip-flopped. (OPFactions) Votes not going through or players not receiving rewards. [Removed] Creative server portal & selection from Lobby. Lore Traders (Legion of Light, Horde of Terror, etc.) (OPFactions) These stores will return at a future point. Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
  3. Sour

    best part of the update
  4. Minecraft Update 4/27/2019 [Additions] New Gamemode: Skyblock When connecting to the lobby, you can now use the portal or compass to join our newest gamemode, Skyblock. You may use any Minecraft version from 1.9 - 1.14 to connect to the server. VIP Lounge Bartender is now selling various consumable potions. [Updates] Every hour a random Lootcrate key will be given to all online players. [Removed] CreativePlots Server Due to a recent poll on the Minecraft Discord, we have decided to shut down the Creative server as a standalone server. VIP IV, VIP V, and Builders may use /warp creative on the OPFactions server to be warped to a Creative world instead.
  5. Sour

    On Friday, April 19th you may connect to the Skyblock server in the Lobby.
  6. Minecraft Update 4/16/19 - v3.0.2 [Additions] Easter Event (4/16 - 4/24) There are 55 eggs hidden in spawn with various Easter-exclusive treats and gear. Collect all 55 for a big reward! The Easter Bunny has arrived selling Holiday Weapons and Armor. Some mobs and monsters are now dropping Easter candies & treats until the end of the event. Questmaster A physical NPC for you to browse and accept quests. Located next to the Home Decorator in spawn. Quests can still be accessed via /quests Promotional Ranks YOUTUBER, STREAMER, PROMOTER are now official ranks of the Minecraft server. These can be obtained by advertising the server on your respective social media and having a large following. Obtaining these ranks will give you exclusive benefits across our Minecraft servers. Chat Games Players can now compete in several chat-games like Speed or Unscramble. The server will send a word or equation in chat, first one to solve it wins a reward. New Lootcrate rewards and changes. New Items have been added to Cosmic and Mythic crates. Cosmic & Mythic chances & rates have also been changed. New Atomic rewards have been added to Atomic Crate New Mobs Skeleton Archer Wither Knight Jackpot Cow [Updates] Scoreboard & Side Menu Scoreboard now displays Server uptime, Total players, and new rank symbols. Sidebar now displays plenty of info like player balance and faction power. 6 new possible Airdrops are now available. New consumables have been added to the Spawn Food Store! Server Relay on Discord is now a global chat for Factions, Creative and Skyblock. VIP III and above can use global-relay and /globaltoggle in-game. Abuse of this global chat can lead to restriction of perms. Discord also shows live player counts of the servers. [Fixes] An issue with players not receiving a Game Mode selector in lobby has been fixed. Multiple typos in the lobby have been fixed. Fixed an issue with Soulbinders. [Changes] Minecraft server network restarts at the same time as the Garry's Mod servers. 6:00 AM EST 3:00 AM MST Spawn Store prices for Deconstructed Essences have been raised. Item Deconstructors have been changed. [Removed] Player info & stats above heads.
  7. Sour

    wow u are so funny ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  8. Minecraft v3.0 Changelog 4/11/2019 [Additions] Server Lobby & other good stuff! When connecting to, you will be sent to the Lobby. You can pick which gamemode you would like to play from this Lobby using the Portals or the Compass. CreativePlots has been moved to it’s very own box. Creative has been completely refreshed and reset. Builds may be transferred from the old world to the new one. If you would like your plot transferred, make a ticket on our Discord. All servers will restart at 3AM EST. (Factions, SkyBlock, Creative) Players will be sent back to the lobby if the server restarts or shuts down. Players can use /glist to see all players online across all servers. Players can use /creative, /lobby, or /factions to instant connect to each server. SkyBlock release date has been finalized and is set to open on Friday, April 19th. Smuggler's Den Trader has returned! Selling dangerous or powerful items. Stock will change often and randomly. 2 New Donation Benefits Pet Leash - Allows you to use /pets, gives you a cosmetic companion! Chat Tag - Gives you an extra chat tag to use. Community Chest in spawn Players can now donate to or take items from the Community Chest. [Updates] Multiple kits have been buffed. Default kits Starter, Archer, Hunter, and Fighter have received changes. Donator kits Gold, Diamond, and Obsidian have received new stats as well. Bans, Warnings, and other punishments are now global across all servers. /trash has been changed to /disposal. [Fixes] Fixed an issue with /f perms not saving or affecting members. Fixed an issue with Warzone autocomplete spamming chat. Squashed a bug regarding Hoppers and Throwing Items. Fixed multiple Lootcrate typos & errors with rewards. Fixed an issue with Upgrade Gems not adding specific stats. [Removed] Key Trader Contact staff if you still have outdated keys. Creative Portal / World is no longer on Factions. Infinity Gauntlet from Cosmic Crate (Vaulted)
  9. Sour

    but is it roblox
  10. Minecraft OPFactions 4/5/2019 - v2.8.1 [Additions] New Top Factions System Top Faction is now decided by Land Value. Factions can raise their value by placing Monster Spawners inside their claims. At the end of every month, the Top Faction will be rewarded with a one of a kind Gift-Box, that includes exclusive loot for the whole faction. We are planning to add Obsidian, Diamond/Gold Blocks, Chests, and Hoppers to the total land value in the next patch. You can now show off your gear in chat! To show your item to those around you, hold the item in your hand and type /showitem. To show your item to the whole server, hold the item in your hand and type your message using %item% for the item name. Crafting Update Multiple new shields & armor are now craftable. New consumables and boosts are bakeable and craftable. An item crafting guide will be available on the Minecraft Discord later this week containing all the possible crafting recipes. Item Deconstructing You may now buy an Item Crusher at the Spawn Store NPC, which can be used to Deconstruct tiered items. Deconstructed Weapon Essences can be used to craft new weapons/gear, or to sell back to the Spawn Store. Item Deconstructing You can use /trash to open up a trash can menu to get rid of unwanted items. Stop dropping items all over spawn. LOOTCRATE EVENT - Earn DOUBLE the Mythic and Legendary keys when using /vote! Only from 4/5 to 4/8. [Updates] Weekend Trader is back! New items and all crate keys for sale! Get them while you can! Monthly Store stock has been refreshed. Get your April-exclusive gear now at the Monthly Store NPC. Resource Pack Update Server resources have been updated with new textures for future items & loot. Additional Airdrops 5 new Airdrops are now possible to drop in the Warzone with brand new loot. Consumable Store now has more food and other consumables for sale. [Fixes] Fixed multiple Lootcrate rewards not giving the actual reward. Fixed a bug with Candy Diamond Blocks being able to be turned into Diamonds. Fixed Spawn to display "SPAWN" instead of "WILDERNESS" when entering/leaving the area. [Changes] Server Rank Structure All player, donator, and staff ranks have been changed to fit into Defcon's official rank structure. Warzone has been extended further. Shop Prices Emerald sell price has been changed. Miss something? Check out the previous update:
  11. Sour

    Minecraft Update 4/2/2019 - v2.8 UPDATE HIGHLIGHTS - **BRAND NEW LOOTCRATES** All Lootcrates have been completely rebuilt from the ground up with brand new rewards, along with some familiar ones! These crates require new keys to use. **Old Lootcrate keys can be traded in at the Key Trader for new ones at spawn.** ADDED **100+ New Lootcrate Rewards** - Every single Lootcrate now has completely different rewards. - Some community favorites were kept in the crates. - Brand new Battle Packs, earnable kits, and other amazing rewards. - **All Old Keys Do Not Work With These Crates!** You may change out old keys for new ones at spawn! **More Airdrop Crates!** - In Addition to the Airdrop arrival in 2.7, there are now 12 additional Airdrops that have the possibility of dropping. CHANGES / FIXES - Fixed an issue regarding mobs damaging players with permanent effects. - Patched multiple bugs. - Performed optimization tasks. - Many item stat values have been altered. - Airdrop crates now disappear when looted fully or when next Airdrop starts - Shop prices altered REMOVED - Old Factions World - Tons of unused/untouched CreativePlots VAULTED *Items that were removed from Lootcrates with no return date.* - Old Man Slapping Fish - Bone Cracker - Hellfire Blade - Dracula's Dagger - All MC:GO Knives - Nobushi's Poison Stick - Flaming Great Lance - Faithful Greathammer - Creeper Destroyer - Cybernetic Creeper Skull - Gandhi's Whip - U-Turn Whip - Staff of Sunfire - Hell Bow - Marking Bow - Centurion Armor Set - Tig's Bed Time - Fatty's Head - Lumberjack - Throwable Rocks + Many other forgettable items.
  12. Sour

    Yes, however it is no different than your items being scattered everywhere. In fact, if you die in lava your corpse will sink to the bottom instead of burning.
  13. Sour

    Can be collaborative but only one person may claim a prize.
  14. Sour

    Minecraft Update 3/28/2019 - v2.7 UPDATE HIGHLIGHTS - **ZHU HAS ARRIVED** Available every weekend, selling all Lootcrate keys and 4 random Cosmic Weapons! Find him hidden around spawn in a different spot each weekend. - **LOOTCRATE EVENT** In honor of Zhu’s arrival, he is blessing everyone with amazing deals on Keys for this weekend only, as well as random key drops only for this weekend! Come test your luck! ADDED **Quests!** - Hundreds of quests are now available with a variety of rewards. - We will continue to add Quest expansions in the future, along with Limited Time quests for events or holidays. - Quests can be accessed via **/quest** **More Powerful Natural Monsters have arrived!** - Supercharged Creepers, Undead Paladins, Psychopaths and more are now spawning naturally throughout the world. - More special monsters will continue showing up randomly in the next couple days, some of them have a chance of dropping special crafting parts or unique items! **Player Corpses** - When killed, players lay down on the floor and become a corpse. All items are stored inside the corpse like a chest. - To loot a players corpse, simply right click and loot. - Corpses despawn after 5 minutes. **More Crafting Recipes!** - Advanced Crafting menu has been redone, featuring a new variety of Rare to Cosmic weapons & gear. - Some recipes will require sub-parts to be crafted and pieced together. **Other Additions** - Leaderboards are now available in the Tutorial Hall. - Upgrade Gem Store now available in spawn. CHANGES / FIXES - All Spawn NPCs, Crates, and other features have been moved to the new world. - VIP Lounge is now in a new area, You must now use /warp lounge to get inside. - /Shop has gotten a massive overhaul - Spawners are also fixed in /shop. - Reduced Server Resource pack from 30MB to 2MB - Hall Of Fame has been redone, Donators now have a specific wall. - Spawn Shop prices have been lowered. REMOVED - Dual Wielding - Custom Music Discs - Tons of other unused plugins. - Player Stores CREATIVE PLOTS CONTEST
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