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  1. Spencer West

    not really but it was just a suggestion don't gotta get mad
  2. Spencer West

    You should add the charger back atleast.
  3. Spencer West

    Good update, you should add some new cars @Sgt.Val
  4. Spencer West

    Spencer West

  5. Should be back to playing in a few weeks 🙂 hopefully my CPU will be fixed n shit

  6. Spencer West

    Yes theres new stuff and its not laggy when you turn corners anymore also theres a OFC now and factory is back they removed suburb houses
  7. Spencer West

    Cool update nice job @Sour @Tig
  8. Spencer West

    if you got a loot crate last night at 12am EST did it reset?
  9. Spencer West

    Fuck I grounded b
  10. Spencer West

    Is the new season out right now?
  11. Spencer West

    Change the map.
  12. Spencer West

    So you want the server to stay dead like how it has been for the 2 weeks aight.
  13. Spencer West

    Plus if you change the map back to evocity the players might join back because people are getting sick of rockford
  14. Spencer West

    Change the map back to EvoCity.
  15. Spencer West

    Where is the org thingy located at val? @Sgt.Val
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