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  1. Cole Sexton

    good update seems pretty cool.
  2. Cole Sexton

    @Sgt.Val @Dab you guys should add this to police it would be a great for us and creates new rp for criminals and cops.
  3. Cole Sexton

    Basic RP Definitions Random Deathmatch [RDM] RDM or Random Deathmatch - is used when a player/staff is killed without valid initiation and/or proper Role-Play reason. Random Vehicle Deathmatch [VDM/CDM] VDM or Vehicle Deathmatch - is used when a player/staff is killed without valid initiation and/or proper Role-Play reason, by use of a vehicle. [Extended: You must ATTEMPT to swerve to avoid players, even if they are in the middle of the road. Killing Cops during a traffic stop is VDM] Random Arrest [RA/RDA] RA/RDM or Random Arrest - is used when a player/staff is ARRESTED without proper Role-Play Reasoning. [Extended: Police are authorized to Detain (Temporarily Handcuff/Inebriate) you for any RP reason (Public/Personal Safety, Endangerment, High Risk Scenario, Probable Cause, Frisking, etc)] Metagaming Metagaming - or using Out Of Character Information to In Character Information (and IC to OOC), such as using a Non-IC Teamspeak Channel, PMs, Admin Chat, Snapchat, etc. Fail Roleplay [FailRP] FailRP or Fail Role-Play - is used to define anything that is not reflected by server rules or real life possibilities, this includes anything not covered/specifically stated in the rules. [Extended: If the AVERAGE Person in real life is not able to physically do it - it is FailRP] Fear Roleplay [FearRP] Fear Roleplay or FearRP - is used when a Role-Play Scenario goes against practical odds or breaks “Life Value (Roleplaying as if you only get ONE life)” [Extended: Shooting Police while being arresting, pulling a weapon while being outnumbered, pulling a weapon while one is aimed at you, etc. (No Guns Blazing/Rambo Scenarios)] New Life Rule [NLR] New Life Rule or NLR - is a basic RP rule that states when you die - you are not allowed to recall the events that led up to and during your death (People, Location, Vehicles, Weapons, and any Details), this also means you must stay a reasonable distance from your death point for 5 minutes (or to the same raid/kidnap), to avoid re-entering the same/similar roleplay scenario. [Extended: Police may not return back, even if a Backup/Dispatch call is made. Citizens/Criminals may not come back for any reason (retrieving car, friend calls you back, etc.)] If you have any questions pm me on forums.
  4. Cole Sexton

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1356315424 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1356315285 https://gyazo.com/6e7a0588d6acabb6b54d243b59427e54 https://gyazo.com/e3cf0e1e44d82e22739d70b08294b41b https://gyazo.com/7ca9750cbe5c26b276a064cfc5ce6375
  5. Cole Sexton

    @Sour When is it coming out.And why didn't u guys use this on a good server like military server or something?
  6. Cole Sexton

    ^ @Sgt.Val
  7. Cole Sexton

    +1 Great update
  8. Cole Sexton

    Its like EMS im pretty sure.
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