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      Welcome back to the plantation.

      32 posts in this topic

      21 hours ago, romodude40 said:

      Either release it already or delete Slave

      >This is romodude40. Also known as Tendies.

      Tendies doesn't have the patience to wait for the update to drop.

      >Tendies makes a comment in the announcement post where Tendies tells the dev to release the unfinished update now or delete the server and as well as abandon the 5-6 months worth of progress that the devs have put into the update.


      >This is not an appropriate way to speak to the devs of defcon or anyone in general.

      >Now the devs and higher ups don't like Tendies.

      >Don't be like Tendies.

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      @Happy  soon


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      4 hours ago, Sgt.Val said:

      @Happy  soon




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