SantosRP Changelog - 1/14/2019

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SantosRP Update



  • Job: Sheriff Operator
    • The brand new upgraded & elite officer that should be a role model or goal for all deputies. 
    • This new division has better gear and exclusive models & vehicles.
    • Being a Sheriff Operator is a privilege, and it must be earned.


  • Job: Department of Justice Agent
    • DOJ Agent are field operatives for the Department of Justice. They protect the County Judge and other government properties.
    • They also will be enforcing all orders from the Judges and will be investigating into businesses, intercepting bench warrants, and enforcing permit regulation.
    • They may also work along with the TCSO if there is a threat on government property or a situation involving highly wanted fugitives.







  • The Police Vehicle Extractor tool has been re-enabled.
    • This tool is used by Police to pull people out of their vehicles if they are refusing to get out or if there is an emergency.
    • This MUST be done through roleplay, you cannot just run around ripping people out of vehicles without context.



  • Prisoner models are no longer errors in Q menu.
    • They also no longer disappear when tased.




Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update.

Comment what you think about the update here.

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now this is epic 


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@Sour $5 rn for the Sheriff Operator

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