Minecraft Changelog - v2.8

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Minecraft Update

4/2/2019 - v2.8




-  **BRAND NEW LOOTCRATES** All Lootcrates have been completely rebuilt from the ground up with brand new rewards, along with some familiar ones! These crates require new keys to use.

**Old Lootcrate keys can be traded in at the Key Trader for new ones at spawn.**





**100+ New Lootcrate Rewards**
- Every single Lootcrate now has completely different rewards.
- Some community favorites were kept in the crates.
- Brand new Battle Packs, earnable kits, and other amazing rewards. 
- **All Old Keys Do Not Work With These Crates!** You may change out old keys for new ones at spawn!


**More Airdrop Crates!**
- In Addition to the Airdrop arrival in 2.7, there are now 12 additional Airdrops that have the possibility of dropping.




- Fixed an issue regarding mobs damaging players with permanent effects.
- Patched multiple bugs.
- Performed optimization tasks.
- Many item stat values have been altered.
- Airdrop crates now disappear when looted fully or when next Airdrop starts
- Shop prices altered




- Old Factions World 
- Tons of unused/untouched CreativePlots



*Items that were removed from Lootcrates with no return date.*


- Old Man Slapping Fish
- Bone Cracker
- Hellfire Blade
- Dracula's Dagger
- All MC:GO Knives
- Nobushi's Poison Stick
- Flaming Great Lance
- Faithful Greathammer
- Creeper Destroyer

- Cybernetic Creeper Skull
- Gandhi's Whip
- U-Turn Whip
- Staff of Sunfire
- Hell Bow
- Marking Bow
- Centurion Armor Set
- Tig's Bed Time
- Fatty's Head
- Lumberjack
- Throwable Rocks
   + Many other forgettable items. 


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I dreamed of having this server.

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Rip tigs bed time

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awesome update, good job

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