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Minecraft Changelog - 4/5/2019

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Minecraft OPFactions

4/5/2019 - v2.8.1


  • New Top Factions System
    • Top Faction is now decided by Land Value. Factions can raise their value by placing Monster Spawners inside their claims.
    • At the end of every month, the Top Faction will be rewarded with a one of a kind Gift-Box, that includes exclusive loot for the whole faction.
    • We are planning to add Obsidian, Diamond/Gold Blocks, Chests, and Hoppers to the total land value in the next patch.


  • You can now show off your gear in chat!
    • To show your item to those around you, hold the item in your hand and type /showitem.
    • To show your item to the whole server, hold the item in your hand and type your message using %item% for the item name.
    • Spoiler



  • Crafting Update
    • Multiple new shields & armor are now craftable.
    • New consumables and boosts are bakeable and craftable.
    • An item crafting guide will be available on the Minecraft Discord later this week containing all the possible crafting recipes.


  • Item Deconstructing
    • You may now buy an Item Crusher at the Spawn Store NPC, which can be used to Deconstruct tiered items.
    • Deconstructed Weapon Essences can be used to craft new weapons/gear, or to sell back to the Spawn Store.


  • Item Deconstructing
    • You can use /trash to open up a trash can menu to get rid of unwanted items.
    • Stop dropping items all over spawn.


  • LOOTCRATE EVENT - Earn DOUBLE the Mythic and Legendary keys when using /vote! Only from 4/5 to 4/8.



  • Weekend Trader is back!
    • New items and all crate keys for sale! Get them while you can!


  • Monthly Store stock has been refreshed.
    • Get your April-exclusive gear now at the Monthly Store NPC.


  • Resource Pack Update
    • Server resources have been updated with new textures for future items & loot.


  • Additional Airdrops
    • 5 new Airdrops are now possible to drop in the Warzone with brand new loot.


  • Consumable Store now has more food and other consumables for sale.



  • Fixed multiple Lootcrate rewards not giving the actual reward.


  • Fixed a bug with Candy Diamond Blocks being able to be turned into Diamonds.


  • Fixed Spawn to display "SPAWN" instead of "WILDERNESS" when entering/leaving the area.



  • Server Rank Structure
    • All player, donator, and staff ranks have been changed to fit into Defcon's official rank structure.


  • Warzone has been extended further.


  • Shop Prices
    • Emerald sell price has been changed.



Miss something? Check out the previous update:



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uhh you forgot the all new /trash command

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but does it have roblox

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Just now, Sgt.Val said:

but does it have roblox

but is it roblox

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Hmm this seems narley

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4 hours ago, Tig said:

Hmm this seems narley



and didja add tha JUUL

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