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Minecraft Changelog - 5/3/2019

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Minecraft Update


Server specific updates are marked with (OPFactions) with (Skyblock)


    • Earn TRIPLE Mythic and Legendary keys when using /vote this weekend. (OPFactions)
    • Zhu is back with brand new items and selling all Lootcrate keys for 50% off only for this weekend! (OPFactions)
    • Earn DOUBLE XP this weekend when leveling your McMMO skills. (OPFactions)


  • Voting rewards are now global.
    • Vote on Skyblock, get rewarded on Skyblock AND OPFactions.


  • Donation Store
    • Our donation store is now open and is also completely automatic.
    • We are celebrating with a 25% off sale on ALL packagesDon't miss out!
    • View the store here.


  • New items have landed in the Mythic, Legendary, and Cosmic crates. (OPFactions)


  • Money Printers (Skyblock)
    • These are experimental and may need some future balancing.


  • Atomic Keys can now be earned by suggesting new ideas for the server. (OPFactions)
    • The suggestions must be added before the keys are awarded.
    • This system is similar to the Bug Report reward system.


  • Spawn building Hall of Fame has been renovated and now displays the following: (OPFactions)
    • All staff members.
    • 3 most recent Donators per Tier.
    • Top Donator & Recent Donator 


  • 2 new NPCs have arrived in spawn. (OPFactions)
    • Auctioner - A physical form of viewing the Player Auctions.
    • Blacksmith - Sells unique armor sets & shields. 
      • Stock will cycle every 2 weeks or so.



  • Spawn Shop, Blacksmith, & Zhu prices have been permanently adjusted. (OPFactions)


  • Monthly Store items have been refreshed. (OPFactions)



  • Island level not being displayed properly in /is. (Skyblock)


  • Tutorial Room not displaying tutorials. (OPFactions)


  • Soulbinder & Soulcrusher prices being flip-flopped. (OPFactions)


  • Votes not going through or players not receiving rewards. 



  • Creative server portal & selection from Lobby. 


  • Lore Traders (Legion of Light, Horde of Terror, etc.) (OPFactions)
    • These stores will return at a future point.


Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update.

Comment what you think about the update here.

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this is cool

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now all you need is a hunger games server.

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Ok but when is prison coming out

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10 hours ago, Squidy said:

Ok but when is prison coming out


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