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    • Camo

      All Server Content   05/16/2016

      All Server Content can be found here. This will fix most errors you see in game.  
    • Sgt.Val

      F.A.Q Page is now back!   09/17/2016

      Everyone please visit our F.A.Q Page to take a look at our Frequently asked Questions
    • Sour

      A quick lesson on payments.   02/22/2017

      Just so everyone is aware. Members paying for vip is a way for us to keep our server up. Granted that isn't our only way of receiving money to keep our servers up, others may pay for ranks, or just give us money to just support us. However, this does not mean you can go and bully members for paying. Members pay to support our community. Paying isn't the only way to receive ranks, hard work and dedication is. I've been here since June of 2013. I haven't paid for a single rank and through my time and dedication I've worked my way up to Owner. Do not discourage people from helping us keep our servers up. Thank you.
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