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Clone Wars
9 / 128 Online

Strap on the armor of a Clone Trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic, and immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. Upgrade your trooper by crafting weapons, levelling skills, and discovering/unboxing loot & gear such as cosmetics and exotic weaponry. Fight for victory across the galaxy.

Playing on rp_anaxes_defcon_v2
0 / 80 Online

Immerse yourself in a world of law and order, and choose between tons of jobs like Civilian, Gang, EMS or Police. Choose between legal and illegal money making like manufacturing drugs or cooking and selling food. With over 70+ vehicles and hundreds of items to collect and craft, the world is yours.

Playing on rp_dunwood_us
0 / 80 Online

An arcade gamemode set in an alternate universe where The Annual Purge is legal, players work to survive The Purge night by night by building their base, making money to afford weapons and supplies, and fight for survival.

Playing on rp_downtown_tits_dgv2u
2 / 100 Online

Unlike our Santos Server, this server offers a faster pace for a more pick-up-and-play feel. Players can become a police officer and train weekly, or keep the cops busy and make money by robbing armed transports, gas stations, or by making and selling drugs.

Playing on rp_rockford_mk_v2
Fast Paced


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