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  2. Well look, Don't build around peoples base and then obstruct their walkspace or viewspace, That is their base not yours. Also its a base that is being "payed for " and your ruining their experience.
  3. Topic Title: Ex: Staff Member's Name - Staff Report What is your name?: Little R (At time of incident) Juilet Capulet (Now) Name of the reported staff member(s) (Use @ to tag them in this post): @Grover What is their rank?: Admin The reported Staff Member(s) Forum Profile URL: Name all of those who are involved in this situation (including witnesses): None What are you accusing them of?: Abuse, Lying, and discrimination of faction. Throwing me around with physgun and jailing me without checking. Please explained what happened?: I see Grover, this is right after me coming out of their TS channel of me and them fighting, to this I think i will try and have a knife fight. To this he doesn't respond and in a quick plan I call a mug. I give him time roughly 9 seconds I then shoot him since he also ran. He TP's back and tells me that i am not to shoot him because i didn't have a time in my mug. He jails me and i cut the video there. Evidence (required): What punishment do you best see fit?: Warning adn for him to go over MOTD since this isn't the first time he didn't know more rules today. If need be I can post them if it is a problem.
  4. Chain of command is off but isn't off at the same time. (Hope that makes sense) Plus a microphone is one of the basic requirements you need to be a staff member. I will admit that you are active on TS & IG and care about rules and report players/staff who are abusive. Headsets/microphones are pretty cheap (at least where I live) and I will still admit to this day without hesitation that my best headset was $15 from Walmart; that thing lasted me a good 5 years.
  5. I fixed the post <3<3<3
  6. And you blow ^ One of mine would be "guys i have to leave my mom is on fire"
  7. Even though You don't have a mic I am willing to give you a +1 your active on ts and in-game haven't had any troubles at all
  8. +1 I believe Thomas should be apart of staff because he is one of the few people, excluding other staff, who actually cares about the rules and I believe that he will do a great job at enforcing them.
  9. I saw lol
  10. Name: Thomas Royal SteamID: STEAM_0:0:75786822 Steam Community Link: Do you have TeamSpeak 3?: Yes Age: 15 Server you are applying for?: CityRP Total playtime of said server: 7 days from rockford and parlake Have you ever donated?: No In at least 125 words, why should we allow you to join?: When I play City rp there alot of people mindging ,troll and rdm and if i see players breaking the rules I immideatly call a staff member because I know the rules and it really takes a long time for staffs to respons to sit but If i made in to staff I will respond to sit much as I can . In my opnion I rarley break the rules and I know almost all the rules in City Rp . I know how to deal with stressful situations, I am fair , I will act professional during admin sits and I respect other players/Staff.So this is why I am applying for staff in City RP. I hope I make it in to the staff team so I chould try my best to make a City RP better role play Experience. Sincerely In at least 50 words, why do you qualify for this position?: I think City RP is a great server but alot of new players start rdm,troll,cdm and mindge and even as a player my self I try to make them stop if they start breaking the rules. In my opinion all I just want to do is make City RP a great expireance for other players. That was at least 125 and 50 words? So if it is not you will be lying: Yes Who owns Defcon Nations?: Val List the chain of command/rank structure: Highest to lowest Very Good player Senior Admin Admin Mod Do you understand how to use the chain of command? That your issues should go to a Server Manager and then go up from there: Yes Do you understand advertising, posting, or asking for people to look at your application will result in the application being instantly denied?: Yes Do you understand we withhold the right to terminate your staff rank for any reason at anytime?: Yes Do you understand that you cannot be staff on ANY other garry's mod servers as a staff Member: Yes Do you understand and accept the Terms of Service?: Yes Anything extra: I broke my mic last month I am saving up money to buy a new headset with a mic
  11. Everything will be looked at 1/18/17
  12. As you know, lately the Jaffa and the Grimwolves have been having a tough time getting along, not only in-game but in TS. Many people look negatively towards the interaction between the two, and so did I until I remembered the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. In the play/movie/novel two families, the Capulets and the Montagues were always bickering, making fun of eachother and picking fights but until things started getting rough, it was all in good fun and it made things interesting. I believe we should do the same with our problem, we should embrace the bickering and fighting as an interesting aspect to our server becuase it doesn't only effect the members of each group by creating stronger bonds and increasing group loyalty but it also creates RP for the normal players and is something no other slaveRP has on this scale. Of course, if it gets out of hand we should take the extra steps to end the feud, but for now I think it would be beneficial to try. This is just my input, if you have any other that you would like to share, post here. -Agustus Jones, Jaffa Knight
  13. well that is bs now, trying to figure stuff out quick
  14. 1. Name(Ingame) - Vinnie Salinsky 2. Name(Fourms)-PurplePenguin 3. Name(Steam)-Mini Vinnie 4. Hours on Server- 6 5. Hours On Gmod-2686 6. Hours Available During The Week- Almost every day for about 2-5 hours a day. 7. How Much Cash You Have- Right now, I have 10.5k but I am getting VIP soon. 8. Your Stats On your Charter- Crafting: 3, Cooking: 1, Botany: 1, Gun Smithing: 11, Chemistry: 1, Stamina: 4, Assembly: 7. 9. How Many Cars you Own- 1 ._. 10. Do you have a recommendation from one of your Members- Thomas Royal 11. How Old are you- 14
  15. Today
  16. RIP
  17. Now I have a warrant
  18. thanks for the vid
  19. Denied Sadly you have gotten more negative rep than positive. Please wait 48 hours before re-applying for staff.
  20. Shoot totally forgot about the zip tie law. Turning myself in tomorrow.
  21. Name: Grover Type of Suggestion: Fixing Rebel Armor (Set to 0) Why it should be added to SlaveRP: Balance and fairness Do you see a benefit in adding it: When rebels have armor, which they spawn with, they are given an unfair upper hand in a fight. @Bacon Potato Cat, @Happy, @Mr.Cow, @Eulabius, @B0bCat
  22. Name: Grover Type of Suggestion: Adding Faction Vaults Similar to the PK Vault Why it should be added to SlaveRP: It should be added to Slave because it would create more of a competitive scene between the factions. There would be special rules about these vaults, like breaking NLR is allowed and other things that apply to vault raids Do you see a benefit in adding it: This would be beneficial because people would have a new way of making money and protecting it. For example, when a faction vault is raided, the faction members who own the vault would lose part of their paycheck. This would also encourage faction members to participate in their own factions instead of running off somewhere else, because they would lose income other wise. It would work identically to a PK vault, except rebels cannot raid it (only opposing faction members can) and the defending faction would receive a bonus when they put money back into the vault. @Bacon Potato Cat, @Happy, @Mr.Cow, @Eulabius, @B0bCat.
  23. +1always active knows the rules very active on ts
  24. +1 Makes sense but is improper format. Be sure to fix it so it will be considered.
  25. Why is this even in question? I was hired under a PK Leader and was attempting to build a checkpoint around your base. This would not even be filed as abuse, because you can spawn these same props aswell, and I used no admin powers to place these walls. Not only that, but this report isn't even in proper format, and therefore invalid. @Ugly Freak
  26. Im back and im better muddafuckas


  27. No u
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