Common frequently Asked Questions

Q: My VIP Disappeared randomly what do i do?

While in-game please type !checkvip to get your VIP assign back to you.


If this does not work please Submit a Support Ticket.


1. Examine closer
You should ask yourself a couple of questions first:

Does it lag only when you look at a specific part of the map?
If yes, that means that the map you're playing on is poorly optimized and every single thing is rendered at all times. Good maps don't render things that you can't see.

Did you or someone spawn a lot of props? (200 or more?)
High amount of props will always make lag. That's because every single of them has to be seperately rendered and physics have to be calculated all the time.

Do you have a lot of programs open?
Obvious question. Make sure to keep running programs to minimum.

Is your computer overloaded?
Obvious question. Kinda the same as last time.

If 2 or more answers are yes, the lag can't be fixed. I'm sorry.
But, if they're almost all no, you can safely continue.

2. Fix the lag
Now, let's start with fixin' it up!
There are a few methods, some of them are efficient and some aren't.
Each one will give you about 5% FPS boost. 

2a. Task Manager stuff

Set Priorities gmod over other programs

2b. In-Game options
I see the look on your faces, you're like "dafuq m9 mah pc is 2good4u whai bahd setinghs". But this is something different, it applies on ALL hardware. :P

What does it do: Reduces the smoothness of straight lines, as GPUs have to calculate this real-time and most of the times the more it is set on, the less FPS you will get.

2c. Console Commands, Autoexec 

What does it do: Basically forces gmod to use more CPU cores and allocates more RAM to it.
How to do: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\cfg and locate the file called autoexec.cfg. If you can't find one, make it. Open it with Notepad++ or Notepad or Wordpad or something like that that can open text files and write this into it: 

mat_queue_mode "0"
mem_max_heapsize "2048"
host_thread_mode "4" //8 for octa-core, 6 for hexa-core, 4 for quad-core, 2 for double-core
r_threaded_client_shadow_manager "1"
r_threaded_particles "1"
r_threaded_renderables "1"
r_queued_decals "1"
r_queued_post_processing "1"
threadpool_affinity "4" //8 for octa-core, 6 for hexa-core, 4 for quad-core, 2 for double-core

2e. Overclocking (NEW)

WARNING: If done incorrectly, it can result in breaking your hardware and loss of data. Do this ONLY when you're really sure when you know what ya' doin'.
Also, I am not responsible for any kinds of damage to your stuff.

You should really do overclocking when you can't buy a new CPU or GPU or the default clocks are purpuosely set low for overclockers. Check on Google if your CPU can be overclocked and if it won't bluescreen at you.

There are 2 options: hardware and software overclocking. Hardware is mostly used for CPUs, while software mostly for GPUs.

GPU: MSI Afterburner is the best one, you can adjust all the clocks, voltages, fan speeds etc.
CPU: For AMD, try AMD Overdrive. For Intel, find some on the web.

4. Well, is my PC really that good as I think?
"wjiodahiwduohdsuisdhiwjhsuadihcuyaweghbuidw mah peesee is da bezt hau cen u fing it iz bed!!!1"

But is your rig really that good?

A few things:

It seems from both some comments and from my experience, that Source hates some of the AMD stuff. I can confirm that Phenom CPUs and older Radeon GPUs are running slower than their equivalents in Source. Really depends on the engine tho.

Your drivers might be outdated. It's like having a really expensive TV but the remote is an old rusty bad-quality thing. Now, 99.999999999999999999999999999% of the time, your drivers are ALWAYS up to date. So, this applies most to older rigs.

That computer might have been packed with the i7-4xxx, 32GB DDR3 RAM, but the GPU is one of the things you find somewhere in the darkest place of your house, lying there for years untouched. Or 32GB DDR3 RAM, GTX Titan and... maybe a Core 2 Duo? OR, i7, AMD R9 290 and 2GB RAM?
This thing's called a bottleneck. Yes, I think it's obvious, but still... meh.

Or, if your system is overall really slow even when it shouldn't be, it can be because of 3 things:
Slow HDD
Too many programs and s**t

Okay, now you know if that box has as much powaaaaaaaaa as you think?

5. Last Words
Congratulations! You have successfully removed some lag from your gmod!

Thanks for reading this guide. If it worked, leave a like, also don't forget to comment about other things that fix lag and I will add t

This is just if you are getting in-game lag i wanted to help those who are having the issue 

Q: How do I get a new name on CityRP? I have been banned for a failrp name

A: Your going to need to goto this link * Click ME!!! * then fill out everything.


You can pay $10 USD to get it changed the day of. 

Q: I found a glitch on a server what do I do?

A: If you believe that you found a glitch/exploit on any server please follow this format and let a high staff know (Staff Director +)

Q: How do I report a corrupt cop on CityRP 

A: You need to goto the Police Section of the forums. * Click ME!! *

then you want to provide proof of the "Officer" being corrupt

Q: I got banned i want to appeal my ban how do i do this?

Please Visit here

Please take your time fill out of the form

Q: How do I get a custom class?

A:  Click here to start your custom class Request

Please understand if you purchase a long time ago and your class is not there (1-2 years ago) you will not be able to request a custom playermodel.
Don't choose over powered classes usually 1 primary 1 secondary and a choice between lockpick and medkit is good 
You can post more stuff maybe we will see it fit and accept it

Please also note if the custom class is added but you cannot play on it yet means the server still needs to restart.

Please understand it may take up to 24 hours for the custom class to be playable (  Usually only couple of hours )

Q: Im missing my forum rank, what do I do?

A: First, your going to want to get proof of your rank. (Accepted application. Rank in game. Ect....)

Second, your going to need to make a support ticket and have it show your proof.

Third, your going to need to wait for a Support Member with AdminCP to give you your forum rank.

Q: How do i get teamspeak to chat with the whole staff team and players? 

A: Please Download the Teamspeak Application here

Once install Please click Connections topic right and Enter a username and enter our IP to join our teamspeak

After join please wait for a staff Member to assign you teamspeak tags.

Q: A Staff/Admin abused who do i talk to? 

Q: How do i apply for staff? 

Q: I want to Join a Gang / Organizations on a certain server how may i go about this?

Please Contact the owner or the assistant of the Gang / Organizations 

If you wish to you will have a better chance of joining the Organization if you join our Teamspeak3 Server and talking to the Organization Members and asking them.

Q: I want to Apply for City-RP White-listed Jobs how can i apply?

Please Visit here and submit your application

Please go though the Pinned topics before applying.


Q: Annoying sounds keep playing over and over such as fire and car noises, what can I do?



in console.