Technical Game Problems

Q: When I'm in the server i see a lot of Errors and pink and black textures how do i fix this!

A1: Please Visit here
and Subscribe to the collection of the server you are seeing errors on please note this is not really recommend as joining our server to download our content should work just fine. Downloading through our collection uses some of our old addons that may just be useless to download.

A2: I still see Pink and black Textures!
Garry's mod requires Counter-Strike:Source for 90% of garrys mod servers use Counter-Strike:Sources for its textures including our servers.
Please Be sure you own the game Counter-Strike:Source NOT CS:GO


Q: My Computer is lagging while playing! (Frame related issue)

A1: After being on our server for 3-4 hours you may have to restart your garry's mod and rejoin our server  to get better FPS since garry's mod does have minor memory leaks.

A2: There is commands that many people do not know about that could double or even triple your FPS while in-game Please type these commands in console and you should instantly see your frames double.
(May not work for some people)

gmod_mcore_test 1
mat_queue_mode -1
cl_threaded_bone_setup 1

Q: My game keeps crashing what do I do?

A: I suggest you reading over this



Q: I lost my car on MethRP what do I do?

A: If you lost your car please make sure you have proof that you lost the car. (Having it when you bought it)... Then having proof that you lost it. 

Q: All the cars have broken textures. * Ex: The steel is in the air. (Doesn't look like a car.)

A: Set your model textures to high... Then relaunch your gmod

Q: LUA Errors keep spamming my console, what can I do?

Enable console if you havent already, open it up and type this in:

con_filter_enable 1

then type this in after that command


after the out in the command put the beginning of the LUA error, such as if M9K was spamming a sound error, you would put

con_filter_text_out M9K

and the error will stop spamming.