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  1. reely?
  2. Well guys, I never knew it would come to dis day, I thought long and hard about this option and I have OFFICALLY made my mind. The reason i'm leaving is because I never have fun on this server, the PurgeRP server is so small with barely anything to do, If you think of it, I've done it on that server so that means 0 fun even if i attempt to rp or not, I'm barely active and i've found another community to settle down and be a active member of. Another reason is about the bullshet promotions adam gave out. Don't get me wrong adam is a good fuckin guy but i just am way to butthurt that someone who didn't deserve super admin got it, and he isn't even active at all anyways. And that means im not going to wait 5 more months for another promotion, Its just way to long and I cant waste my life any longer then i already am I will be on teamspeak but probably will be super rare and even rarer ingame. I also want to say a few things about a few people. After that I would like to say that this community will always be the best one i've ever played on, Its been good rolling with you guys for 1 year @Lgea This guy is the fucking OG, we talk alot and hes a cool guy @Walter Wight Im not sure if this is the actual white but i just wanna say You are one of my best friends and i hope you strive in the future. @MR TRIPLE You suck so fucking much, prick ass but i love you @Megan You may be SuckRP server manager, but you are pretty awesome and you are a old crusty meme @Whitedog This guy is the one that told me i should join the staff team @eGod I love you with a passion @josh5585 You are one of my greatest memes of the world @faxmechicken Salty cunt @JOEY211 This guy is so gr8 at csgo @Shifty Chillest guy in the fuckin block rite here @BenjaminrRJ7 Nicest guy in de world Good bye guys, I may have plans to return, you never know
  3. -1 never igname or ts
  4. +1 NEVER seen in ts, seen ingame
  5. What Is Your Name?: Snoop Dogg, or Brandon What Is Your Current Timezone?: CST What Is Your Date Of Birth (DOB)?: 8/15/01 What Is Your Current Staff Rank?: Administrator How Long Have You Been A Member Of Defcon Nations?: I started 2 years ago, I started to on defconn about a year ago What would you like to join if accepted: Full support team Have You Had Any Experience In A Support/Tech Support Position Before? Yes, I was the type of guy to go to family and friends places and help with there PC troubles, nothing that big so i'm still learning Why Would You Like To Join The Support Team? (150 Word Minimum): The reason I would like to join support team is that I think we need more people to take on the support role in this community. This community has thousands of people but only a few support team members. And me noticing that makes me want to join the support team to help those people. Another reason I would like to join is because I love to help people. I want to ability to help people with their troubles, such as, Teamspeak tags, ingame ranks, and even the forums. I want to help people with their issues and make sure at the end of the day the person I was helping is satisfied. The final reason I want to join is because I really would love to help the high ups, From server issues all the way to ranks. I would always try my hardest while i'm in the support team. What Skills Could You Bring To The Support Team? (150 Word Minimum): The skills I would bring into the support team is Experience, Respectfulness and Trust. I have decent experience in support. I know how to give tags ingame, I know how to assign tags ingame, I have a good idea how to do it on the forums, but i will probably need to be trained through that since I'm not sure familiar on how to assign tags on this type of forums layout. Next skill is Respect. I am very respectful to higher ups, I treat anyone higher up like they are my grandma, I normally go by "If you wont say it to your grandmother, don't say it to people you respect." So you normally will wont see me be disrespectful to people unless the higher up is a close friend of mine, I am very social so I will be messing around with my best friends sometimes joking around and insulting him because he/she is my friend. Another skill I can bring is I am trustful, I am very trustful and I want to keep that title till I die because people who are untrustworthy don't deserve to be in the support team because they might not be trusted to get things done. Why Should We Accept You Over Other Applicants?: (100 Word Minimum): The reason you should accept me into Support Team is because I am very active on the community and teamspeak, I also am Trustworthy, I have Experience in this field and I am respectful to others, I will use those skills to my fullest extent so i do not get a bad reputation, I also am very active on the forums,ts,and ingame. And if I become support team i will devote all my time to being active on this community. Finally the reason you should pick me over all the other applicants is because I want to help people, Joining support team will give me the ability to help people more than I already try to. How much time will you spend doing your duties as Support Team?: Probably Half ST half Staffing Do you promise you will treat every member with respect and help anyone who needs it?: Yes I do Do you think there is a need for a support team? If so, why?: Yes, there is thousands of players, and this community needs people to help with there issues Please Sign Here ________SnoopDogg__________. By signing here you agree to respect all members of the community and promise to put all effort into your support team duties and failure to complete your support team duties will follow to your termination from the support team.
  6. m8 u need 50 and 100 words for your 100 AND 50 word questions in your app,-1
  7. u didnt fuckin mention me m9
  8. I will not be able to get on the server or ts untill 9/9/16, i have some very personal shit i will be doing
  9. +1 deserves it
  10. +1 Deserves it, good app, has been mod longer then 4 weeks
  11. -1 You need teamspeak to be staff, wrong chain of command, Sgt.Val owns Defcon. never seen
  12. ew outside
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