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  1. My gang will kill all yall bruh we the Abdominal Pains BRUh and dont you ever forget it we rock out the South side Paralake. #AbdominalPain everyday every hour. Petrovich and Vice Kings are full of a bunch of cowards. We ride with mac 11's loaded up in the hummer, killed Edny Petrovich right outside PD smoked him like a cucumber. #AbdominalPains #AbdominalPains #AbdominalPains
  2. Rank: Senior EMT Date of acceptance: 12/30/16 Last time you were on-duty: 1/15/17 Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Who is the current ERD Director: Glongo Mayhew
  3. 1 [Darius Archer] - Promotion Application Full (RP) Name: Darius Archer Current Position Senior EMT Callsign: Don't have one Why should we promote you? (100 words): I am in love with my Paralake Community. I am in love with the opportunity to serve the City of Paralake. In the City of Paralake, I serve with my position in the Emergency Response Department. The ERD means so much to me, you wouldn't believe! The ERD is not only my family's primary source of income, the job that puts food on my family's plate and gas in my car, but I also have a enriched passion for what I do. I think this promotion will allow me to partially fulfill my ambitious plans with the ERD, to better serve the community that I love. What will you do with this promotion (50 words): With this promotion, I will better serve my Paralake Community. I will be able to quickly respond to medical emergencies in the SUV EMS vehicle. I will be of knowledge to assist probationary EMT's with knowing their way around the phenomenal Medical facility in which I am proud and courageous of getting the opportunity of being an employee of. With a promotion you are expected to still show the same activity do you agree?: Definitely! Date: 1/15/17 Sign: Darius Archer.
  4. Full Legal Name: Darius Archer Do you have a valid state issued driver's license?: [ ] No Identification #: Do you have any prior criminal convictions? [ ] Yes If answered “Yes” to the previous question, were you convicted of a Felony in the last 3 days? [ ] No Reason(s) for applying for firearms permit: Protection, avid 2nd Amendment right supporter, my last permit expired Do you understand that the Department of Justice withholds the right to revoke or suspend the permit at any time? [ ] Yes Do you understand that this permit grants you the privilege of possessing a Class 1 Firearms and does not grant you the ability to manufacture or sell firearms? [ ] Yes I Darius Archer, verify that all information provided is true and all questions above have been answered to the best of my ability and knowledge.
  5. What Server: CityRP What is your name: Darius Archer Link to Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198097707156/ SteamID: ck3007450 Was it a Temporary or Permanent Ban (Bans under 24H will be denied): Temporary Staff Member who Banned you(Staff Members Name and Forum Profile Link): @DN Tig What was the reason why you were Banned: Cop Baiting Why do you feel that you should be unbanned(75 Words Minimum): I am really sorry for cop baiting , I just wanted to get into a police chase really badly so I can test my new car (2017 Dodge Challenger) that I bought for 52k. I wanted to see how well it performed so I admitedly cop baited in an attempt to get the police department to chase me. I should never have done it, I was just too curious. I am really sorry for cop baiting and I hope you accept my contrition. What have you learned from being banned(50 Words Minimum): I have learned that I should not cop bait in order to test out a vehicle. If I want to test the vehicle out I should just have some friends chase me. The Idea was to have the cops chase me so I could jump on the freeway and try to loop them in my super fast car. Will you ever do this again: No! Never! Any Additional Comments you would like to add:
  6. What Server: CityRP What is your name: Darius Archer Link to Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198097707156/ SteamID: ck3007450 Was it a Temporary or Permanent Ban (Bans under 24H will be denied): PermanentStaff Member who Banned you(Staff Members Name and Forum Profile Link): @DN Tig What was the reason why you were Banned: Lying during an admin sit x7 & CDM and the 12 people on were complaining about me Why do you feel that you should be unbanned(75 Words Minimum): I wasn't lying I was being sarcastic. But i'll take that L. Also, not CDM to hit people in the middle of the road. I didn't even hit the dude on purpose. I was driving down the street when a guy is standing in the middle of the road. I did my best to hit the brakes as hard as I can but I could not stop in time, ultimately hitting the dude. I then swerved and ran head on into Yanni's vehicle causing some damage. I do not think the accident is my fault, I think the careless pedestrian should be at fault. What have you learned from being banned(50 Words Minimum): I learned that if a guy is standing in the road I should immediatedly log out to avoid getting banned. I also learned Yanni isn't a very friendly camper. I also learned not to drive at high rates of speed down city streets, maybe then my brakes could have prevented the collision. Will you ever do this again: No, Never! Any Additional Comments you would like to add: Why am I perm banned for CDM like wtf
  7. What is your name?: Darius Archer Name of the reported staff member(s) (Use @ to tag them in this post): What is their rank?: Staff The reported Staff Member(s) Forum Profile URL: u know the nig im talking about Name all of those who are involved in this situation (including witnesses): Jakob Beck, Darius Archer, Joe Diamond, Howie McDowell, Jammal Davis What are you accusing them of?: Staff abuse Please explained what happened?: So apparently Joe Diamond killed Jakob Beck while he was at gunpoint. But from what I saw Joe Diamond only killed Jakob Beck when Jakob was looking at my fire truck which was patrolling looking for some action as I was told to by my Fire Lieutenant, Howie McDowell. Jacob then bans Joe Diamond apparently and then Jakob who is in the middle of the street gets hit by a car and dies. When the box is on the ground I go ahead and pickup his objects so I could hand them to a Police officer so they don't get into the wrong hands. But Jakob apparently threatens me with a Perm ban if I do not give his stuff back because apparently he thinks he was "RDM". So he tells his friend multiple times to handcuff me even though I am on duty and inside the Fire Station. He even abused his powers as much to teleport to me and teleport his friend to me. I am banned for "Not following staff orders" for 24 hours after he steals the weapon I confiscated from the street to hand to a police officer. Then my supervisor, Howie McDowell comes and he's all confused about why some corrupt staff member has me ziptied ironically directly in front of a NPC. Evidence (required): What punishment do you best see fit?: I don't care not my fcking server.
  8. My custom class is called Bust a Nut. Cums with a nig and a cracker.
  9. how much for city
  10. Can I just give you a $10 steam card for 1.5 million in CityRP
  11. Rockford Medical Services Name: Darius Archer Date: 11/13/2016 Current Rank: Probationary Firefighter Why do you want a promotion(80 words): I want to be promoted with the Fire Department because I honestly believe I have shown the up-most courage with my duties, even at one point (back when we had defibrillators) walked into a burning apartment (Completely on fire at least 15 active Molotov in one tiny Apartment) and saved the trapped homeowner who was close to death. I was severely injured but that didn't stop me from bringing the victim to the hallway to perform CPR on him and calling EMS for further Medical treatment. I then set out the huge fire, largest fire i've ever seen on the server, by myself with no additional help as all other firefighters were off duty. I believe that I have shown that I have a deep passion for the Department from my talks in teamspeak and my good nature from how back when we had defibrillators I would pull over to assist a injured civilian when Paramedics were not online. What can you do to help the Rockford Fire Department with this promotion(50 words): I can help train new firefighters, If we have a major fire, I would like to take command of the scene and have the firefighters set up in key locations around the structure to insure the fire goes out in a relatively quick and effective manner. I can also make sure the new firefighters follow the rules and guidelines and answer any questions they may have. What is your main goal in this department?(25 words): My main goal in this department is to help the citizens of Rockford and climb the ranks to make this department the best it can be. I love to help people. And when I walk into a burning building it gives me a sense of amusement to know that I am helping someone when they need my help most and their smile when they are trapped and when all hope seems lost they see me, I, am a Rockford Firefighter.
  12. I'll give u 1k for $15.
  13. Appeal Accepted. Closed.
  14. i wasn't attempting to prop kill or prop block or push why in the heck would I do that, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I've only been banned like 3 times in the year i've been playing the server. My last ban was a couple months back what u mean perm?
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