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  1. who r u
  2. bye tiggy. we both leave then
  3. im done. bye. everyone clearly hates me and im stupid and shouldnt be here.
  4. I think I deleted my video cause Tig isn't causeing any issues. There were like 10 people online so we were having fun.
  5. I already saw this joke in the chat box. I don't even get it.
  6. so Moon Johnson and @DN Tig will get off my ass... I probably won't be using my mic tomorrow cause I can't really talk. My nose just started pouring blood before I fell asleep and I've been coughing up blood for the past half an hour and kinda lost my voice. so yea. who knows maybe my voice will be better later tomorrow. i blame @Paul Kellerman cause I nearly died laughing from the stuff all of us were doing earlier.
  7. It is a bank and it does have a lot of stuff that makes that hard to achieve.
  8. Why don't you make a suggestion that would be better then instead of just shitting all over it and not saying how to make it better?
  9. What it does: Allows people to rob the bank, if the robbery is successful the payout is random between 50-200K. Requirements to do a robbery: The robbery can't be started until there are at least 8 police officers online. Must have a minimum of 2 people to rob the bank (One to get the money out of the vault and the other to run crowd control if there are hostages) Restrictions: Robberies can only be done once every 24 hours. In order to be apart of the robbery and not a hostage you must be inside the bank vault at the time it is started. You may not be outside waiting to kill cops or in the lobby. (Inside lobby is considered a hostage) You must also remain in the vault for maybe 5 minutes before you get the money, after you get the money you must make an attempt to escape. Once the robbery is initiated one person from your team (depending on how many people are in the team) may go into the lobby and run crowd control if they have hostages. If they do not have hostages then they must wait in the vault. If all members of the team leave the vault area before the money comes out the robbery will be canceled. Extras: The stolen money can have dye pack in it so the money can be tracked by the police (and to simulate a dye pack it can auto place a warrant on the robbers if they go off) There can be a way to disable the dye packs so they can't be tracked and won't go off but it will be difficult. The money also can't be sold to get actual money until 4 in game days have passed. How would cops go about it: If there is a bank robbery then all cops (of any rank/department) on duty must respond to the call unless a major situation is going on and if they are the first on scene, wait for backup. Notes: The 24 hour cooldown is only for the people involved in robbing the bank, others can rob it after 4 hours. (Or everyone has a 24 hour cool down) Notes 2: If the robbers are not wearing masks and the robbery is successful, then an arrest warrant is automatically placed on them (Because of survailance cameras) Only the robbers with masks on will not have a warrant auto placed on them. None of this is required and can be changed to be able to be added. NOTE: Robbers may go in the back to see if there is a cooldown on the bank. Once a bank robbery has been started the bank is no longer a green zone until it has finished.
  10. Full Legal Name: James Doe Date: 1/12/17 Witness(es): Person(s) the complaint is about: @justinalbert486 (Justin Albert) Agency the Person(s) work for: Department Of Justice Explanation: He is currently a lawyer and within the past 72 hours he has been charged with at least over 10 felonies, and from what a judge just told me, he is not allowed to commit crimes. Evidence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=840915380 I James Doe, verify that all information provided is true and all questions above have been answered to the best of my ability and knowledge, under pains and penalties of perjury.
  11. First of all, Failure to ID is false. I am not required to ID myself if i am in full police uniform, which i was. Second of all you were placed in jail for the following charges: Kidnapping, First Degree Murder Of an On Duty LEO, Attempted Murder of an on duty LEO (Which really should of been 3 counts but we only gave you one because only one officer went down and got revived), and Possession of a class 2 firearm. Thirdly $96,000 is an unreasonable amount to sue for, and all the judges i spoke to can agree on that.
  12. You have a previous arrest history so you have a mug shot, and a mug shot is all about the face, So unless you had a mask on then i can ID you.. Plus just because you changed your plate that doesnt mean anything because the plate is always linked to your name.
  13. It's called having a mug shot of you. Unless you were wearing a mask then it isn't failrp. Plus you had your friend Kevin Wick kill me (Who btw just Combat logged after exploiting)
  14. wut. I thought you got perma banned??
  15. I found it. It's $10 on script fodder. https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/70/3d-sign-editor @Sgt.Val
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