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  1. +1 Active IG and TS Does His job very Well Very Chill and layed back
  2. -1 Never seen in game or TS
  3. +1 Active in game and TS Never seen him braking any rules Also He is layed back which we need more staff like that
  4. +1 if u get on TS more u are active in game and u do follow the rules -1 for now cause i have not seen u in TS if u get on while your on the server i would gladly +1
  5. Topic Title: Ex: Staff Member's Name - Staff Report What is your name?: YoBoy Swift Name of the reported staff member(s) (Use @ to tag them in this post): @Whitedog What is their rank?: Super Admin The reported Staff Member(s) Forum Profile URL: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/profile/12744-whitedog/ Name all of those who are involved in this situation (including witnesses): None What are you accusing them of?: Staff Abuse Please explained what happened?: Well he joined the server and it started lagging, and i didnt know what was happening so before i recorded. He was mass RDAing and Throwing IED things every where in the pd and the streets. Evidence (required): The video at the bottom, Also this Disconnect: Kicked by Whitedog(STEAM_0:1:102493827) (Banned for 40320 minute(s): HERE YOU GO WANT PROOF). What punishment do you best see fit?: Maybe like a demotion for like a month or a demotion forever
  6. +1 Active in game and ts Cool guy i Think he would be a great staff member
  7. U Guys use some very small text lol i could barley read it
  8. +1 Active in game and ts Knows the rules well Very Chill guy Good luck, Andrew <3
  9. +1 Good Ap Takes a lot of sits Makes good decisions in the sit's Gl, Oliver
  10. +1 These Issues have been going on forever i understand val might be doing other things but Purge should be the next one to be focused on
  11. Yea That would be amazing we could get are own channel, like kent sayed it gets way to loud in the main channels and the owners arent there most of the time.
  12. +1 Seen in game and TS Seems like a very cool guy i think he would be a great staff
  13. -

    -1 Never seen in game or ts
  14. - 1 Not seen in game or ts
  15. + 1 Active in game and ts Never breaks rules Very cool guy
    Do not spread rumors in chatbox. Keep all drama out of it. If I see one spot of drama I will be stripping ranks and banning if needed. - Sour
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