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  1. + 1 Active in game and ts Never breaks rules Very cool guy
  2. +1 Very good app Active on TS and In Game When he was staff he did a very good job Good Luck, Jx1821
  3. Lol thank's u guys
  4. i like that one cant belive u forgot about him animalcat
  5. Thanks so much u guys
  6. Your Name: YoBoy Your Steam Profile/STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:188596452 Your Forum Profile: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/profile/14950-yoboyfifa/ Your Age: 14 Your Date of Birth: 04/15/2002 When were you assigned Moderator(DATE): 12/13/2016 Why should we promote you over other people(100 Words):I should get promoted, but not over people that are doing there job better then me, im on the server severyday because im Home schooled so thats why i have so many hours on the server, im on this server basically when ever im up and people are on. If i got promoted that means i can deal with sits even more easily then i can now. Also i think there should be more admins on the server because there is barley any. Most of the staff i see on the server are trial staff and moderators. there is only 1 admin i see that is active and he just got admin. I haven't seen an admin on forever on the server. What have you learned so far from being a Staff Member(75 Words): I havent learned much from when i first joined this community, But u should always respect other staff member and even people playing on the server. in real life if somebody disrespected me i would get mad of course. But on the server i learned how to control my anger from the minges. But if u work twice as hard u have a better chance of getting promoted in the game. i got to know other staff member and most of them are really cool. If you were to be promoted, what would the first thing be that you would do: Change my job to staff on duty and watch to see if everybody is role playing correctly Do you agree to Respect everyone in this Community: Yes Are you willing to cut your Roleplaying and Staff Duties in half: Yes Can you post the Moderator - Admin Promotion Requirements:Served at least 4+ weeks in position Application filled out properly and correctly 75% or more of Positive feedback on Application No strikes/Abuse Reports/Active Warning Points Active recommendation from Server Manager of your Server and up Good activity on Server/Forums/Teamspeak Do you meet these requirements: Yes
  7. +1 Very good app, He is active in ts and on the server.
  8. +1 Seen in game and ts, i have never had a problem with him it dosent matter that he's 13. I dont think we need older staff we just need them to be mature.
  9. +2 He's a very good staff member i saw him when he was staff for a couple days and he never broke any rules, and has never got rude with a user. He is active on ts and active in game. Goodluck, jx1821
  10. +1 I played with this guy before he is really cool and never brakes rules, He is on the server a lot, and in team speak when he is on the server.
  11. +1 He is an awesome operator with him becoming a Admin he could do a lot. I feel like he is ready to become a higher up, because he is always taking sits and helping out users. He has never been rude to anybody from what i have seen. GoodLuck <3
  12. +1 Very good player, He always helps me when he is in a sit with me, and he know all the rules
  13. okay thanks man
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