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  1. hello my fellow staff members. I will be gone for vacation from March 17, 2017 to March 24, 2017.
  2. ok I did ban you but. me and Mr stove had jailed you. for RDM. kicked you like 2 or 3 times for shooting in jail. Accidentally left the menu option on in my ULX menu I than made it MY FRIST priority to get your steam id and reban you for 24hours. Because YOU KEPT COMEING BACK WHEN WE KIDNAPPED YOUR FRIEND. AFTER AND SHOOTING US.
  3. DENIED you had 40% good feed back
  4. Yea give it a day or 2
  5. Not enough feedback
  6. +1 I would try it
  7. -1 never in game or TS3
  8. -1 never seen in game or TS3
  9. Unfortunately me gttaylor111 will not attend the meeting tonight, sorry I am out of town unexpectatly. Because I have to be with the family, for the night. I will be back at about 9 o clock. Central Time. Please Excuse me
  10. -1 never seen in game
  11. -1 never seen in ts3
  12. -1 had a few problems
  13. Your Name: Grant Taylor Your Steam Name: gttaylor111 Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:163766152 Link To Your Steam: Why Do You Want To be Promoted In The The Evocity State Police? (150 Words): I would like to be promoted in the Evocity state troopers because. I have worked very hard to become a State Trooper and to serve and protect the citizens of Evocity. Right now I am a Trooper first class, and I would like to move up to corporal. So I can set a example for the other Evocity state troopers under me. So I can teach them more and help them about finding crime crime and stoping it, before something bad happens to the people of Evocity. I love to help people of Evocity and my fellow state troopers. I have been helping a lot with the crime and stoping it. Any time I see drugs my main priority is safety of the civilians and other officers. Than going and getting the perpetrators in custody, and talking them to jail. So we can keep the streets of Evocity safe for all the citizens. Why Should we Chose you over other applicants? (100 Words): You should choose me over other applicants. Because I get on every day to play as a Evocity state trooper, and I love to help the citizens because that is my job is to protect and serve the people of Evocity. I well also lead and guyed the troopers under me. So they can lead the way of state troopers, Because they are the future of the Evocity state troopers, and I can make a good role model for them because one day I so can they can move up in the state troopers. Because I think I am more qualified than other troopers because I will help everyone in trooper or just people Additional Information:
  14. Your name: gttaylor111 Your Rank: Admin Date filling application out: 12/5/16 Why do you want a personal channel? (50 words): I would like a personal channel for having a different way to talk to people or staff that need my help. So people can not interrupt me, or who ever else in my team speak three channel. If I can help stuff or players in my channel, That would be great to me because I got to help one more person with defconnations. What will you use this personal channel for? (50 words): I will use my team speak three channel for helping other staff or players that need my help, and also for talking to my friends as we role play . So we have no interruptions from people in the public channels. That is what I will use my team speak three channel for. What would you like your channel name to be: gttaylor111 safe place You understand that you channel may and can be revoked at any given point: Yes
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