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  1. @Fame It would have to be KOS or not KOS it would confuse the players badly and nothing but admin reports. Everything else looks good.
  2. @Pink Guy Its very simple I don't understand how you are having problems Visit here and fill out what you want
  3. - Moved to unpaid - Please PM me if you decide to buy.
  4. @Pink Guy You just posted a custom class request here and you enter all the information as "DIDNT LET ME CUSTOMIZE IT" as shown above. Please go here and fill out what you want on the class instead of entering what you just did.
  5. Looks good the class will be added tonight!
  6. @gamerboy If its a peacekeeper it would have to be the same color as them. And the name would have to be Peacekeeper Juggernaut
  7. Money cannot be reset due to our donators buying ingame cash and comes with there VIP. for those that wasn't here long enough we reset the money on purge before and it took months for the playerbase to come back it was very bad we only had 5-9 people a day when we did that.
  8. @gamerboy 90% of the stuff you requested on the other post is not allowed and too overpowered.
  9. @MarkupSloshed Is this a re-make or a new whole class and do you want it whitelistable? Everything looks good you can buy whenever you are ready.
  10. @Fame Thanks for those suggestions some are those are going to be added since most of these could be added. It's funny how all the SMs for SchoolRP and High staff for it want it updated but Don't PM me any problems or issues.
  11. @zippocobalt6 Still waiting on a reply to add your class please PM me or message here
  12. @{jedi-god} Timekeeper Custom Class Added / Complete Although you picked a player model that is not on the server so I've set it to random to you pick one that is on the server just message here again. Please PM me if there are any problems
  13. @NZ Networks on next restart all the changes will be working
  14. CityRP Changelog for March 22th [Change] [Can no longer Drag Dead Players] (Can be Disabled if disliked) [Change] [Can no longer finish off players if there is EMS online] (Can be Disabled if disliked) [Change] [Cops/DOC/SWAT can now spawn their car even if it is not in the car zone.] [Change] [The Bus and can open the doors press MOUSE 1] [Fixed] [Major Crashing Issues server should be more stable now] Hopefully.] [Fixed] [Steam Group Errors causing UI and chatbox to be gone] Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here Don't worry SchoolRP is next even though the server managers left no ideas for updates that are actually addable we will figure out something.
  15. @wannabe Its being fixed today
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