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  1. CityRP/Santos Changelog for January 16th [Added New Slot Machines ] [ Added New ESC menu ] ( Escape Menu ) [ Change Cars Don't breakdown as Easily when smashing into walls ] [ Change EMS now get 911 calls also ] ( You will see on your screen of the players location ) [ Change DOC can now Arrest/Search Players ] Department of Corrections [ Fixed Casino Props can no longer be Physgun by everyone ] [ Fixed DOC can now drive through the police barrier near car spawn ] ( Before it would not open for DOC ) Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here :D Weapons are plan on being changed back to F:AS soon Don't worry you will be able to sell your old weapons to the drug dealer soon so no profit loss.
  2. @NZ Networks Weapons plan on being change very soon back to F:AS once that is all set up SWAT will get better stuff in their lockers. as the gates are pretty glitchy at the moment so that will be fixed sometime today
  3. @Hobskins kk will fix that today
  4. Please PM me your first and last name and Email you used to purchase ill cancel for you
  5. @Jason Lacking Moved to unpaid please PM me if you decide to buy
  6. you selected "Was this custom class purchased?: I want to re-make my custom class ( Not Free )" You don't have a custom class - Moved to invalid please re-make this correctly -
  7. @stephenmicheal14 Custom class Added / Complete Please allow the server to restart before you have access to play on the class. Thank you for supporting our servers Please PM me if there are any issues!
  8. - Moved to unpaid - Please PM me if you ever decide to buy.
  9. Spas-12 is not allowed.
  10. @Merryrook589 Custom class Added / Complete Please PM me the new player model you would like for now I just added a random one until you re-pick make sure that its not over our 15MB Limit also
  11. @Famous Dex Custom Added / Complete Thank you for supporting our servers! Please PM me if there is any issues
  12. @Jason Lacking Hi, Class looks good just that no lightsaber since that is on the donation page I could add the striker-12 though Purchase whenever you are ready and it will be added.
  13. @Frank Bastur Custom class Added / Complete Thank you for supporting our servers! Please PM me if you have any issues To whitelist your friends type !whitelist and find your class and you should be able to add a friend to the class
  14. @Frank Bastur Looks good I'll add the class tonight I'll post once it's been added The stuff you requested will just be added from this, if you want an edit just pm me what changes you would like if you changed your mind of something
  15. No purchases found with that SteamID Moved to unpaid
  16. @Merryrook589 Class is good but that player model is broken 3 people try to request that player model this week lol Please choose another playermodel
  17. @Famous Dex Class looks although spas-12 is not allowed anymore on custom classes Ill add the class tonight ill post once its been added Please PM me your another weapon ill add a random one until you PM me with the new choice
  18. What do you mean by "everything is already paid for"? don't think I got any payments for these changes or talked about these changes before purchase.
  19. @GOD SPEED Moved to unpaid Please PM me if you would still like to purchase
  20. Moved to unpaid PM me if you decide to buy.
  21. @Vaq Custom class Added / Complete Thank you for supporting our servers! Please PM me there are any issues
  22. @Gordonbrown Looks good pay whenever you are ready
  23. @Vaq Your class will be added tonight I'll post once I've added it
  24. @Frank Bastur You can pay here Make sure to buy the whitelisted custom class if you want to be able to whitelist people to your class.
  25. ALL our update logs are now unlocked you may post a comment MethRP Changelog for January 9th [Added New bank Robbery system ] [ Added New Banker Job system you can now deposit money into safety deposit boxes for players for a percentage of interest ) [ Added New HUD Looks decent ) The old one broke and cause client-side lag [ Added Banker Computer the banker job can spawn a computer to keep track of money he has deposit for players ) [ Fixed Adverting ) If you guys have any suggestions for MethRP please visit here and post them!
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