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  1. There armor has be reduced by half yesterday. We are still trying to balance the police vs citizens and if there is a problem still we can increase dmg all around.
  2. @sabre323 Very sorry for the wait. I'll have this added today for and for the compensation for the wait you may pick another primary and ill add you 150% armor for free.
  3. @BroIamBro Not sure why its happening but I'll enable the old list back but people can still use the Defcon spawn list for easy access
  4. @Bro Was this added? @Sour was suppose to add this.
  5. - Custom Class Added / Complete - Thank you for supporting our servers! Please PM me if there are any issues
  6. @Bebe - Custom Class Added / Complete - Sorry for the wait I've just seen this posted for some reason. Custom classes are usually added the next day after purchase You can't get the Lightsaber or Parkourswep since those are buyable on the donation store. Thank for supporting our servers PM me if there are any issues!
  7. @tub Looks good pay whenever you are ready
  8. CityRP Changelog for June 19th These changes were done 1-2 day ago but just been posted now. NEW SERVER IP -visit home page of forums and click join on server status to quick join [Added] Police Panic Button - When Police press SHIFT+P it will show there location for officer to assist them also plays audio sound [Added] Private Message system -Type /pm name message [Change] Damage System has been edited - No more instant Death Shots ( This was very annoying ) - Takes more Bullets to kill ( no more who pulls out their weapon first gets the kill ) - Shotguns are now only effective up close as they should they are not snipers anymore Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here We are still working the issues why people die in spawn when they join. Please put your Items in your bank when you log off until this is fixed.
  9. @michael mezzo - Custom class Added / Complete - Thank you for supporting our servers! Please PM me if there are any issues I'm not sure what you meant by cartel so I added you the option to make meth.
  10. CityRP Changelog for June 16th Thanks to @Selekt for helping me test these new features [Added] Map Back to rp_rockford for the summer! We do switch between rockford and evocity every so often to keep the map always fun [Added] New Player UI! - We have change the UI the name goes by color of the job. - Now shows what job the person is - Shows Steam Avatar - Shows current organization and if he is the Owner or just a Member of it - Shows ULX Rank next [Added] New Text screens and Signs for shops! ( Keep it PG-13 nude or bad Images will result in a ban ) - VIPs Can use the Image sign - Non-Vips have access to the text screen [Change] Road Worker is at the Tow Truck place now [Fixed] You can no longer Physgun money people started to freeze dollars all over the road. [Removed] Old admin system Don't Worry the VIP room and org NPC will be added back by tomorrow. Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here
  11. - Moved to unpaid - PM me if you want still like this class.
  12. @michael mezzo You would have to re-choose your playermodels cause those are 90MB our limit allow is 15MB
  13. @630_1446972491 Sorry for the wait when it's the weekend's custom donation items take longer to get Thank you for being Patient Custom Class Added / Complete Cocaine would cost extra but I've added the drug lab and 100% armor with no extra cost. Please PM me if you have there are any problems! Thank you for supporting the server
  14. Hello Everyone this past 1-2 Weeks we have been working on a Global Update for all our servers We hope all of you Enjoy this update! Huge Thanks to @Dab without him none of this would be possible [ Added ] All Servers now have a better Text screen tool you can now use many Different Fonts for your Text screens! [ Added ] Global Prop List for All the Servers so you guys don't have to randomly click around seeing if that prop is usable we now have one list for it all! [ Added ] We also made it so you can now Right Click a Prop in the Q Menu and add it to your Favorites Props List [ Added ] New Toolgun Menu Setup no more useless Tools you now know what tools you can use and can't use [ Added ] New Staff System for Admins or Lower ( Admins or lower can no longer use their staff Powers unless they type !adminmode and will set their Job to Staff on Duty and allow them to use their Abilities Senior Admin+ Bypasses this System ) [ Added ] All Staff Ranks can now type !sit or !adminroom and it will take them to the Proper place to do an admin sit ( I don't want to see our staff taking Sits in the middle of the damn street anymore. )
  15. @DN Tig yeah
  16. @Superoo👌 Class Looks good besides the "Script Weapon" and the "Ray Gun"
  17. @Gordonbrown - Custom Class Added / Complete - Please PM me if there are any issues! Thank you for supporting our servers
  18. @Gordonbrown Looks good will be added by the morning.
  19. I guess this was fixed? PM me if there are any issuses
  20. MethRP Changelog for June 13th [ Added ] New Drug Dealer NPC ( He Buys Weed and Shrooms and Sells Weed Seeds and Shrooms to grow ) He is not always Buying or selling the same thing he switches between Weed or Shrooms every so often He is located at BP Gas Station in town. [ Added ] New Weed System ( Users can Grow a Max of 5 and VIPs+ Can grow a Max of 10 ) As in the Picture, the plant has Stages and each Stage comes with a new timer the Longer you wait to harvest the more bags of weed you will get. The plant will die in 2 minutes if you do not harvest in time to be sure to harvest it! [Added ] New Drug Shrooms ( You Buy them from the Drug Dealer and you plant them in the grass they will multiply 1 shroom can multiply 5 times before having to plant it again. Be sure to watch your shrooms if you do not pick them up fast enough they will die within 60 seconds. The best place to grow these would be in Subs. Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here Don't Worry SantosRP is next for an update we know everyone been waiting.
  21. Admin System was not added to City
  22. PurgeRP Changelog for May 16th [ Added ] New Faction " The New Order " With new jobs under this faction if the Founding Father Dies everyone on the faction job gets demoted also. Founding Father New Order Members New Order Drug Traffickers [ Added ] New Model to JukeBox [ Added ] Hobo Job ( Some reason it was removed and was forgotten about. [ Added ] Hobo Donation box as Hobo spawn your donation box in F4 Menu [ Added ] Replaced the casino with a Coinflip system type !createflip or !flips to start a flip with someone [ Added ] Stacker tool for VIP's [ Removed ] People I believe with exploited money has been reset. [ Removed ] A lot of downloads that are not being used anymore 20% faster join times [ Removed ] We have Removed the Casino from the server as we want to focus more of the Purge aspect of the server rather than gambling. Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here
  23. @Onion Sorry for the late Reply Sent you a PM
  24. @xDusty There aren't any purchases recently for a custom class under your SteamID?
  25. @Bro @Sour The class looks okay. It will be added by today
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