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  1. #demoted
  2. Cheers Cunts
  3. Brah CDM in Spawn, drove car thru spawn, LTAP, no intent to RP
  4. you gunna stop me bitch.
  5. who ever put the https in the gif is a retarted. just saying.
  6. now where did it say you wanted me to remove you from the shoutbox blacklist.........
  7. get on ts and talk about it you hoe
  8. That's not what im asking...............................
  9. still don't know what you are talking about.
  10. 1. Who the fuck are you. 2. What?
  11. pfff fuck you.
  12. If someone runs into a green zone after you see them commit a crime you can go after them.
  13. @Future you're a big boy you can handle it. out
  14. i haven't been on gmod for a good 3 weeks.
  15. DO NOT EDIT WITHOUT PERMISSION YOU WILL LOSE POWER OF EDIT Admin decisions are final. Updated 26 Nov 2016 RP/General Server Rules Admin decisions are final. Do not argue with a staff member. If you feel their judgment is wrong contact a High Staff member.(Server Managers/Staff Director/Community Manager/Co-Owner) When in an admin sit, all RP is to end. During an admin sit disconnecting, running away, or breaking rules further is a temp ban from the server. An admin withholds the right to punish a player based on the administrator's perception. You may not at anytime advertise another community. Do not impersonate any staff, and never disrespect a staff member. If you have a problem with a staff member take it up with High Staff (Server Manager/Staff Director/Community Manager/Co-Owner) Reporting bugs is greatly appreciated while abusing or advertising them WILL result in a ban. Do not hack/exploit. If you suspect a player is hacking/exploiting report them to staff. Don't impersonate anyone in the server. That includes users/VIPs/Gold VIPs/Supporters. Every job has a job description, read before selecting to avoid FailRP. Scamming is not allowed. E.g. Selling your car to another user knowing they cannot own the car. Combat logging is the act of intentionally disconnecting to avoid being robbed, kidnapped, shot at, or raided. This is not allowed and will result in a temp. ban from the server. Disconnecting after respawning to prevent the killer from accessing your stuff is not allowed. Drug classes cannot grow/produce drugs in PD/Government Building. You cannot steal at spawn. E.g. Take someone's weapon if they take it out of their pocket. Cop baiting is the act of shooting, hitting, or luring police into interactions with you. This is NOT allowed. Police cannot raid based off of sound. This is metagaming and is bannable. You cannot log out with the intention to avoid a roleplay situation. Jumping/standing on another player's head with the intent of climbing obstacles is allowed. Boosting a player on a ledge or uneven surface is not allowed. Do not RP within spawn. This includes kidnappings, muggings, etc. Random Arrest (RDA ) will not be tolerated. Do not demote a player if there is a staff member online. If the staff member is AFK, and you are sure of it, then you may. Do not baton rush. This includes the stun stick and the arrest baton. Body blocking is not allowed. You may only body block if it is relative to an RP situation. Do not randomly shoot at people, shoot cars, or hit/stab people. This is minging and will result in a temp ban from the server. NLR Rules New life rule is when you die you start a new life. You cannot return to the place you were killed for a minimum of 5 minutes. Avoid this area as much as possible. You cannot remember the events that led up to your death. You cannot use information previously known before death. You cannot return and continue roleplaying the previous roleplay situation before death. Cannot remember enemies from before death but can remember friends. Chat Rules Disrespecting in any sort of way will NOT be acceptable. Yes, that involves racism. Using OOC chat, to flame, anyway at all is not tolerated. Advert is to be used for advertising in-game business. It is not for RP. Do not spam admin chat. One message every 3-4 minutes is ok. Do not spam admin chat because an admin is not responding. You are not the only one they have to help. Do not job vote advertise. Do not mic spam. Please be considerate when using your mic. Prop/Base Rules All bases must be raidable (No prop block) Your base must be enterable without crouching or jumping. No walls that allow you to shoot a player's feet without them seeing you. You may prop block all entrances to a building/base as long as there is 1 usable entrance You are allowed to enter a base, but the owner of the base can kill you after giving you reasonable time to escape. You are not allowed to use an unowned building. Do not run into someone’s base and start building, for that is not acceptable. If someone owns the outer door of the base (Front door) they own the building no matter what.(No Exceptions) Don't use props to climb, push, block, kill, surf, or any purpose that is not RP related. You are NOT allowed to use a car to hop over a fence, this will be considered prop climbing. Do not prop block cameras. Do not buy a property unless you intend to actively use it. Do not construct defenses in your base that would give you an unfair advantage in a raid. Do not build during a raid. You may only return to the building when the raid is over. Do not build in spawn. Under no circumstance should there be any props in spawn. All fading doors must have reachable visible keypads. Preferably around eye level. All keypads must be working. This means no fake keypads. All keypads need a minimum hold time of 3 seconds. You may only have 3 fading doors per base. No exceptions. If you have multiple fading doors inside of a base you must be able to fit a group of 3 people between the 2 fading doors. Under no circumstance may a player build on the street. At no time should there be props obstructing the roadway. The only exception to this rule is hobo and DJs may build on the sidewalk. Bases that have kill tunnels,crouch/jump props, or props that allow you to see them but they can't see you are strictly prohibited. If you post a building sign, it must be visible to anyone who is walking by (So no small font). Building signs allow for players a grace period in which other players cannot raid them. Once your building is complete, you must take down the building sign. You are not allowed to leave the sign up while doing illegal stuff. Do not use no-collided cameras to look inside players bases. You may kill someone for not obeying your Kill-On-Sight sign on your property. For example: "KOS Past Line", "KOS inside base". You may kill someone for loitering for over 20 seconds minimum if your sign states so. You cannot have a sign saying KOS if seen. Crime Rules You must have a valid RP reason in order to kill a player, such as they are shooting at you or they fail to comply with your demands. It is not a valid RP reason to kill a player for standing outside your base, They killed your friend, or because they broke NLR. You may not kill cops because you are wanted. You may kill them if they are chasing you. You must wait for 5 minutes between raids, and 15 minutes to raid the same person/base. Must wait for 5 minutes between each mug, 15 minutes for the same person. The maximum mug is $5,000. If you die during a raid you CANNOT go back until the raid is over. Even if NLR is over. You can not kidnap a police officer with less than 3 police officers online. If you are held at gunpoint, it is against the rules to pull and gun out. This is also known as FearRP. You may pull a gun out if the person who was holding you at gunpoint turns their back to you or aims their weapon away from you. When being held at gunpoint, you can not run. However, if you are inside of a vehicle you can evade. CDM is not allowed, but accidents happen just be careful. It is still CDM if they are on the road. Avoid hitting anyone as much as possible. Assassinations are NOT ALLOWED. You can request a maximum of $10,000 for each hostage. You must initiate before robbing/kidnapping a player. Eg "Get on the ground this is a robbery "You move ill kill you" "You're being mugged drop 5k or die" You can kill someone for not following your demands. If they do follow your commands you can not kill them. Do not rob hobos. Binds must be relative. Meaning Raid/Raid Assist/Raid Over is ok but Raid/Mug 5k/Terror is not. All items on a bind must be related to the overall meaning. Acceptable binds are Raid (The act of forcibly entering a property), Mug (The act of using force or fear in an attempt to relieve another of money or property), Terror (The act of causing fear or terror), Bank Raid (The act of forcibly entering bank), Kidnap (forcing a player into your control), Carjack (Stealing a vehicle for personal use), and Warning (The act of warning a player they are getting too close, following you, or you feel threatened by another player) When kidnapping, you must have a valid RP reason why. After you have kidnapped the player you must advert the ransom. Ransom can be paid by anyone and is considered FailRP to refuse it. You cannot kidnap a person for more than 20 minutes. If the time runs out you may kill them or release them. You must wait 10 minutes between kidnappings and 30 minutes for the same person. A person who is kidnapped may run if the kidnapper isn't directly watching them. Please remember that your hands are bound and you cannot pull out a gun. You cannot kidnap or mug another player who has a weapon out. You cannot counter other crimes unless affiliated. Being in the same organization is affiliated. You cannot counter police unless affiliated. Being in the same organization is affiliated. You must advert counter if you aren't in the same organization. If you have restraints in your job and are caught stealing police batons, vapes, knives, custom weapons, you will be forced to give up the items as the first warning and if you do it again you will be getting banned. (Applies mainly to the kidnappers vip abducters, and custom classes that spawn with the restraints. Job Rules Mayor: The mayor must lead law enforcement and assign them tasks. The mayor must make reasonable laws. Unreasonable laws are considered things that violate a server rule or legalize drugs. Laws must be appropriate. If an admin feels it is not you must remove the law at their request. Mayor may not commit any crime or possess any illegal items. Mayor must base within PD. Though the mayor is allowed to leave and visit the citizen. Mayor is not allowed to commence random lockdowns. When a lockdown is commissioned the mayor must advert the reason why. Once the reason is gone the mayor must end the lockdown. Mayor is not allowed to enforce laws. The mayor is not allowed to patrol or go on raids with police. Max bail or gun license is $5,000 Law Enforcement: Law enforcement must follow all laws and are not allowed to possess any illegal items. Law enforcement is not allowed to base. Law enforcement must protect the bank, PD, and the mayor at all costs. You may kill another player who you have witnessed commit murder. Law enforcement must attempt to arrest a player unless they pose an immediate threat. Stun stick abuse is not allowed. You may not randomly weapon check players. Secret service must be with the mayor at all times. They are not allowed to go out and enforce laws. You must have a valid reason in order to search a house. Hearing evidence is not legitimate. Police must listen to the Police Chief. SWAT must listen to the SWAT Chief/Captain. SWAT can not patrol, and may only leave nexus for extreme situations. For example: Hostage situations, Drug Busts. FBI must listen to the FBI Leader. FBI is allowed to possess only 1 base outside of PD. They are not required to let other officers in but must allow the mayor upon the mayor's request. Law enforcement is not allowed to arrest players inside abandoned buildings during the lockdown. Do not arrest a player you have chased into a building. Bank Manager/Bank Security: Only the bank workers may work inside the bank. Bank security must stay inside the bank and are not allowed to leave. Can not raid. Bank workers cannot commit crime. Must stay inside the bank at all times. May not commit crime. Bank Managers can only own a pistol as a firearm. If the bank is raided by cops, the bank workers cannot be charged for the items inside the bank. Paramedic: You cannot have a weapon. You may assist on police raids. You must heal upon request unless it is to assist in a crime. You may not commit crimes. Hitman: Government officials are not allowed to place hits. Hitmen cannot give another hitman a hit contract. Hitman may only raid if the player they have a hit on lives inside the base they are raiding. Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealers/Drug Dealers: You must have some form of the shop. You must sell to everyone. You are allowed to inflate the price to your liking in order to profit from the job. You may not raid. You cannot self-supply. Gun dealers do not need licenses to sell guns unless the mayor has made a law requiring it. Gun dealers cannot base with criminals and must own their own shop or share it with other gun dealers. Raiding Classes: Waging war on PD or other organizations is not allowed. Mayor cannot be assassinated. You cannot raid or kill the mayor within 10 minutes of him being in office. Hackers may charge to be used in a raid. All raids must start with a raid advert and end with a raid over advert. All raiding classes may Kidnap and Mug. Citizen Standard job. Cannot raid. Just Basic citizens. Can have a weapon. Hobo You beg for money on the streets. Cannot own a gun. Can build in public BUT not in the middle of roads. No raiding. Cannot own a car. Landlord You sell owned land by you, to other people. Can own up to 2 properties. That is it. Cannot raid. Security Hired by anyone to guard ANYTHING. No working with/for the cops. No betraying your employer. You cannot raid. Taxi Driver Buy a taxi from the government vehicles NPC, and get hired to drive people places. Reckless driving will result in a ban from the job. You cannot raid. DJ Play music to the public. Cannot raid. Do not play music where you’re unwanted/annoying music will be punishable. You can only spawn your Jukebox in a base. (CANNOT SPAWN IT ON THE STREET) - Evocity Criminals – Cartel Leader Base with meth cooks and guard them, if they hire. You are completely in charge of ALL cartel members. Cartel Member Always listen to the cartel leader. Guard the Meth Cooks your cartel leader tells you to. If no cartel leader is on, you may choose what meth cooks you want to guard. Drug Dealer Sell drugs to the public. Make Drugs Cannot raid. Gangster You are the troublemakers of Evo-City. (THIS DOES NOT MEAN MASS RDM) You can raid. You can also guard meth-cooks. Hacker Elite hacking crew, meant to crack the hardest keypads. Can Raid Can Team up with Other Criminals Home intruder Master lock picker, meant to lock pick the hardest locks. Can Raid Can Team up with Other Criminals Kidnapper You must initiate RP before kidnapping someone. ( Can't Just Walk up and be like THIS IS A KIDNAPING) You cannot raid. You cannot kidnap at spawn.(Will Result in WEEK TO A PERMA BAN) You can kidnap police, but they CAN Fight Back. Your maximum kidnap amount is 10k. You cannot use the restraints to steal custom weapons, vapes, or police items (Will Result in a Day to a Week Ban) Meth Cooker You cannot raid. You can base with cartel leaders, and gangsters to cook your meth with. No working for the cops at all. You are not to cook meth in Nexus (PD) OR BANK. Thief You can pickpocket people for money. You cannot pickpocket in spawn.(Will Result in PERM BAN) You can get shot/arrested for pickpocketing. You can raid. VIP Advanced Thief You are more advanced at pickpocketing. You cannot pickpocket at spawn.(Will Result in PERM BAN) You can get shot/arrested for pickpocketing. You can raid. VIP Drug Kingpin Sell drugs to the public. Cannot raid. You have access to more pots and supplies. VIP Meth Cooker You cannot raid. You can base with cartel leaders, and gangsters to cook your meth with. No working for the cops at all. You have access to VIP pots and stoves. No cooking in nexus or Bank VIP Personal Security Hired by anyone to guard what the client wants. No working for/with the cops. No betraying your employer. You cannot raid. You MUST guard anyone that your employer wants AT ALL TIMES until the job is over.(You CAN NOT RAID WITH THEM) - Custom Classes – You can purchase a custom class by doing !donate in game, or hitting the donate tab on forums. You can make up your own rules, but you must follow the server rules and have some of the rules that are listed above. - Organizations – You can apply for an organisation on our forums in the Servers section. E.g. Evo-city State Troopers, Titan Mercenaries, The owner of the organization can make his/her own rules for whatever they make, as long as they follow the server rules. You must always listen to the higher up ranking people in your organization. These rules are subject to change. New rules will be highlighted green for 1 week and then be changed to normal. Rules can also be found here
  16. Starting Monday the 7 of November new Rules and advert is returning back to the server. Meth will be going back to /advert for Raid/Mug/Carjack/Kidnap/counter You can not have a bind that has all adverts in one. New Rules:
  17. From here and in the forums and wot?
  18. Yeah no if they try to do anything come to me and ill sort them out.
  19. you do any with me in it im perming you from here.
  20. No! Go! Away!
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