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  1. Going on an LOA to do some other things. NOTE: I am not leaving, I will still be on Teamspeak and Forums talking to people.
  2. Denied Get more experience in Law and re apply
  3. Ill be there
  4. Denied Channel Applications are Closed
  5. @justinalbert486
  6. What do you mean? You cannot play Ear Rape and all that stuff with it but you can get a Music Bot?
  7. Denied Channels are currently Full at the moment
  8. Proper Video/Photo Evidence
  9. Closed Any more unprofessional Ban Reasons will not be tolerated and Warnings will be given out. @DN Green Crayon this also applies for you as well.
  10. Court Case Status: CLOSED
  11. here
  12. Accepted You are now considered a Deputy Marshal
  13. Okay, the Court Case is being scheduled for TODAY, @ 3:00PM EST. This has been postponed for way too long. @Future @SirMeman @Bmefford @Comrade Bear(Communist)
  14. No Sherman
  15. Yes, I can do it @William Johnson
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