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  1. -1 can"t even post his own app and have had problems with him before
  2. hi
  3. +1 seems to be active I've never had a problem with him before
  4. -1 never seen in-Game haven't seen on teamspeak either
  5. +1 active in game and on TS He's good at his job
  6. Fix the Chain of Command (COC) immediately or this will be automatically denied
  7. Stay safe Jarts
  8. +1 Seems to be active I have never personally had a problem with you before
  9. +1 Active in game Never had a problem with him before
  10. welcome back Jason
  11. Lmfao but yeah that's true.
  12. +1 Awesome guy Active Knows his shit Never had a problem with him before
  13. Yep no problem
  14. +1 He's a very dedicated staff member Does his job very well He is very mature in my experience Awesome guy I've never caught our seen him abuse Good luck @OliverSatre
  15. +1 Does his job well Never seen him abuse yet He's Mature enough Good luck @Conner2182
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