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  1. -1 can"t even post his own app and have had problems with him before
  2. hi
  3. +1 seems to be active I've never had a problem with him before
  4. -1 never seen in-Game haven't seen on teamspeak either
  5. +1 active in game and on TS He's good at his job
  6. Fix the Chain of Command (COC) immediately or this will be automatically denied
  7. Stay safe Jarts
  8. +1 Seems to be active I have never personally had a problem with you before
  9. +1 Active in game Never had a problem with him before
  10. welcome back Jason
  11. Lmfao but yeah that's true.
  12. +1 Awesome guy Active Knows his shit Never had a problem with him before
  13. Yep no problem
  14. +1 He's a very dedicated staff member Does his job very well He is very mature in my experience Awesome guy I've never caught our seen him abuse Good luck @OliverSatre
  15. +1 Does his job well Never seen him abuse yet He's Mature enough Good luck @Conner2182
  16. +1 Good guy Does his job well He's mature enough for it Good luck on admin @BrosterHD
  17. +1 Haven't had problems before Active in game and on teamspeak Good luck on staff @Porkrock
  18. +1 Active Never had problems with you before Good luck on staff
  19. +1 Seems to be active I've personally never had a problem with you before
  20. +1 He's active Never had a problem with him before
  21. @Roman,I want to start it with saying I am so sorry that these very unfortunate and horrible events have taken place in your life and are still occurring. I completely understand what you are going though as I have lost a numerous amount of close friends and family in the last two years. No human being should ever have to go through as much pain and suffering as you have went through and are currently going through. I honestly feel horrible about your situation. I just want to say a few things. Never ever lose your faith and don't stop praying about this. I don't even know you but I am praying for the healing of you and your close friend. Sending thoughts and prayers. <3
  22. Thanks for fixing the problems with the server @Dab @Sgt.Val
  24. I will be taking a weird loa as usual. I have had a few deaths in the family and other personal issues,and a lot of schoolwork plus an actual job therefore I really don't have the time to get on as much as I used to. My loa will be anywhere from two weeks to a month. I am really sorry for not having the time. I will try to become more active ASAP. @Jarts @SirMeman @Turbo @Riv Senpai @JonTheCenaZ @zachary.fed
  25. -1 never seen in game never seen on ts
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