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  • Staff Application
    • I have read everything in the red text below and understand/agree with:
    • Name:
    • SteamID:
    • Steam Community Link:
    • Age:
    • Server you are applying for?:
    • Total playtime of said server:
    • How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod?:
    • Have you ever donated?:
    • In at least 150 words, why should we allow you to join?:
    • In at least 100 words, why do you qualify for this position?:
    • Who owns Defcon Nations?:
    • List the chain of command/rank structure:
    • Do you understand how to use the chain of command? That your issues should go to a Server Manager and then go up from there:
    • Do you understand advertising, posting, or asking for people to look at your application will result in the application being instantly denied?:
    • Do you understand we withhold the right to terminate your staff rank for any reason at anytime?:
    • Do you understand that you cannot be staff on ANY other Garry's Mod servers, If you are found lying you will recieve a blacklist from staff, and possible ban
    • Anything extra:
  • Staff Application Copy