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Found 18 results

  1. Apologies, but I am currently moving houses. Wi-Fi will be down for me, and it will take a few days to get settled into a new house, and get the electronics set up again. It may take 2-4 days, but I assure you, I will stay active through the forums as much as I can today. I may not get another chance for a while. See everyone soon! - [Hive Mind] Crazyzerg- Jaffaengu
  2. I will be out of town for about a week I will be very active on the forms but not in game at all.see everyone soon. @Fame GW @Happy Jaffa @B0bCat staff
  3. So, the main reason about this LOA and why I hardly was on yesterday is because i'm not doing so well in school, my grades are not the best and I just need to get my grades to the passing level in order to pass the quarter. I will be back on Friday afternoon at minimum or Wednesday afternoon at max, at least that is when I plan on coming back. If anyone needs me, whether it's CityRP stuff or whatever, message me here on forums or find me on steam.
  4. I swear basketball is so much traveling but this weekend I'm taking a long ride to Detroit and we are having a basketball tournament and will be back Tuesday after that ill probley be so tired from the 13 hour car ride I won't get on at least till Wednesday. So ill be Loa rip I promise it's the last one
  5. I will be gone for about a week I might be able to get on slave rp over the weekend but not sure I have to go to Indiana for basketball
  6. So, this isn't technically an LOA, since I will be able to be able to get on occasionally, I'm just posting this to explain why I will be less active. My school schedule is a lot harder than I expected it to be, and it takes me a while to get my homework done and I am only able to get home late in the afternoon on some days. I will also be completely gone tomorrow and early Saturday cause I am going to be at my friend's house for a birthday party. These will cause me to just become less active, it's not as if I'm going to stop playing PurgeRP forever.
  7. I will not be able to get on any defcon servers for at least a month or 3 weeks due to family issues, and school work/issues. I am really sorry and will get back as soon as I can. Thank you for understading. So I don't loose my rank @SirMeman @Bacon Potato Cat @Eulabius @Scott Reagan @Mr.Cow @Happy
  8. Yeah so...... I blew up my computer and it doesn't work.. I I'll be taking it in when I get off work this morning hope. Tp be back within a few days... Daniel
  9. Yo' meggo is gonna be on a 1-2 month loa, "Good luck managing the server meman" - Meggy Im sure bryber will do most of it kek.
  10. loa

    I will not be on for a while because holidays and stuff. Yeah, see you again soon Happy Holidays. WBB: Sometime between Christmas and New Years
  11. I am making this LOA because I cant get on methrp for the time being since I keep SAYING lua panic
  12. Your Name: Waddles Your Steam Name: TenderlySunburntKomodoDragon Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53242164 Link To Your Steam: I will be Taking a LOA. I am still in the middle of moving, and now its has come down to the wire. Today I will be packing my computer up, I probably wont be able to set it back up for 2 weeks or so, at the most a month because Comcast and moving fees and bullshit like that. If after a month, if I haven't updated or responded to this thread, go ahead and do as you wish with my rank and such within the State Troopers. I will see you all later. Have fun while I am gone. .....But not to much fun...
  13. Loa

    Going camping till early Sunday. Byeeeeee
  14. This isn't a big deal, it is just I need to say so that I don't get in trouble or something. For the next week, I will most likely not be active at all for two main reasons. Reason 1: Secondary School for starts in 2 days, so I need to get used to how it works. Reason 2: My grandpa's computer broke down, so he needs to use mine until he either gets it fixed, or buys a new one. He said that this should be about a week. This isn't set in stone yet, so I will inform you if anything changes. Also, just a reminder, if you saw my other announcement, and this one, you would know that during the school year, I won't be as active (obviously). I will still try my best to fit in as much time as possible into doing my duties as staff. I will try to get at least an hour everyday, and will be very active on the weekends and holidays. Thank you for reading! Have a nice day! -Onion
  15. Your Name: MD88Pilot Your Steam Name: MD88Pilot Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:56387741 Link To Your Steam: Why Do You Want To Join The Evocity State Police? (150 Words): Well I already know that the State troopers is the best law enforcement department out there. We are well trained and staffed by some of the best staff there is. I was in the troopers as a Sergeant first class until i called for LOA, I was gone for four weeks and I missed role. I was a FTO and S.E.R.T qualified. I know all the procedures of the state troopers by heart. The Troopers is a really fun organization, I prefer it over the Sheriffs and DHS as I was in both. I feel the State Troopers always had offered me more then the other two organizations. At first I got power hungry and I was a total dick. I eventually got kicked out, but I talked to my supervisors and they gave me one last chance. Since then I have been a great trooper some have told me. What Do You Have to offer the the Evocity State Police? (200 Words): I can offer a young fellow who's imagination is endless and that has a will to assist others. I am a marksman and I know how to deal with hostage situations, I work greatly with people who are in hysteria. I know what to do when sh*t goes down. I can train recruits and preform interviews as I've already done before. Im not calling myself the most perfect trooper that is known to man but I do have my specialties. As you most likely known I am always calm and remain calm throughout the duration of my patrols, I am there to assist the citizens of Evocity. I am not there for myself but I am there for others. I am very familiar with the ten codes and the law enforcement procedures (Real world and in game), Overall I am a friendly person who will help the citizens that require it. Im not gonna be a person who wants to join because they think the normal police job is boring, or because they want real power over people, I'm not like that. I'm willing to commit my personal time to jump on and help. Besides I'm another body to add to the force. I was one of the only troopers left patrolling when the State Troopers were dieing. Why Should we Choose you over other applicants? (200 Words): Well as I previously stated I was already a Trooper and I want my job back. I already have had the training's and the interviews preformed, so I know what to expect. I will know what I am doing through out my entire trooper career. Imagine this. You are going back to your other home because you start school again and you dont play for four weeks. You accidently miss role because you are busy with school work and as soon as you get back up and running again you come to find that everything you had and worked for are gone. You go to your Supervisor and he tells you to fill out another one of these applications. I've done like three of these JUST for state troopers. Obviously this should show you my 'true' love for state troopers as I am filling out this application instead of doing homework or sleeping, considering its 7 in the morning. Another reason is that quite a few of these applicants for State Troopers, Sheriffs and, DHS dont have microphones. Well guess what I have. I really do hope you have come to see that I really want to be a Trooper again. Have you passed any of our trainings yet?: Yes Have You Done Our Interview And Passed?: Previously Additional Information: I was told Im going back in as a corporal. Better then nothin I guess.
  16. Loa

    I'm having huge ass Internet / computer problems and school isn't helping any, the loa is probably gonna be between 1-2 months
  17. So, I got some seriously bad luck when it comes to technology, and my laptop is no exception. It started small, with my laptop shutting down on me if it got too hot. Understandable, but when it started doing it whenever I tried to play my favorite games, I started getting pissed. Before I knew it, I couldn't play unturned, counterstrike, No more room in hell and a lot of other games. But garry's mod still ran fine...until two days ago, when it shut down on me while I was playing TTT with some old friends. Until I get this stupid POS fixed, I am afraid that I will have to take a leave of absence from Defcon's community. T-T I just want to say that it's been great so far, and when I return I really hope I haven't missed anything. I'll hopefully be able to get his piece o' shit fixed soon enough, maybe about a week, to a month from now. I just wanted to post this so that my bosses know I'm not just leaving, I will be back...just as soon as my computer stops hating me. Thanks guys, and I hope to see you all soon.