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There are no results to display.

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  1. Who the fuck cares? I'm doing this because for me making money in-game is fairly easy, making money in real life, not so much. Of course, I still want to reap all the benefits of forking over loads of cash to Val, but I'm broke so I come here. I offer this to people who don't want to go on the meth or cocaine grind to earn their money and just want to have money lying around for things they need or if they want to buy cars or such. Essentially you're getting twice the money in-game per real dollar spent as you would donating straight through the store. NEW/EDITED: Original post old as hell now, and I have my own custom class and have paid to be added to someone else's also. However, if you still need a quick boost in money on MethRP, I am still offering a $1m in-game to $10 USD ratio for anyone who will buy me shit on MethRP. This is cheaper than it would be to purchase in-game money straight from the donation page. PM me on forums or find me in-game because if you plan on actually doing this, of course, I'm going to need to know who paid to get me something so I can give them money in-game. My SteamRep is here if you think I'm trying to scam or something, I am clean and plan on staying that way. Thanks for reading! ORIGINAL: The title says it all, I'm willing to pay 1m in-game cash or even a little more for someone to pay ($10 to Val) to have me added to their custom class on MethRP. I must like the class, and that will decide how much I will pay along with weapons, name, and player model. I know it seems like not much money, but if you're one of those people who is loaded in real life but poor as fuck in MethRP make an offer below w/ the class name, loadout and player model along with whether it's a criminal, government or drug job.