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Staff Requirements

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These are the following requirements in order to apply to become a staff member for Defcon Nations.


1. Must have a clear and working microphone.

2. Must have been on TeamSpeak 3 for a week prior to Application.

3. Must be a minimum of 14 years old.

4. Must have at minimum of 200 hours on Garry’s Mod. Must be on the Steam account used to apply.

5. Have a minimum of 24 hours [1 day] on the server you are applying for.

6. Must be able to make mature and unbiased decisions.

7. Must be able to list and utilize the chain of command.

8. Must speak and understand fluent English.

9. Must be active on TeamSpeak and Forums. A post a day does not hurt.

10. Cannot be staff in any other Garry’s Mod communities.

11. Must be able to play a minimum of 24 hours [1 day] a week.

12. Must be respectful at all times and be able to work under stressful situations.

13. Must be able to act professionally at all times.


Failure to meet staff requirements is an instant denial. Do not advertise your application in any way. Please review these requirements before applying.


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