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General CityRP Rules

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Official CityRP Rules

These rules will be updated frequently without notice.  Please keep an eye on this post for updated rules!

General Rules

Do not sit on the counter (or anything) while being arrested.

Doing so will result in a two (or more) day ban.

RDM/CDM Will not be tolerated, you must have valid RP reasons

NLR ( New Life Rule ): When you click respawn, you forget all details that led up to your death ( Killer, location, etc; ). You can remember friends, colleagues etc.  You can not return to the scene where you died until at least 15 minutes has passed after you click respawn. This does not apply when you are revived by EMS.

You can not force another player to interact with an NPC/ATM

Excessive baiting/trash talking in any type of Green-zone because you cannot be harmed in the green zone will be considered a green zone violation. Obviously, this does not apply if prior RP was initiated outside the Green-zone

Having a house in a Green-zone does not make your house immune to robbers. GZ do not apply if you are Robbing/breaking into houses.

/ads Is only for advertising your in-character matters. Abuse can result in punishment.

/ooc is only used for OUT OF CHARACTER chat, refrain from using this to your advantage

Mic spam will not be tolerated

Roleplay must be initiated verbally. Advertising raid and mug will proceed to be invalid.

If you mug or rob a player, and they proceed to give you what you want, you cannot kill them afterwards. Only in self defense

Combat logging is a bannable offense

You must value your life. This includes all Fear RP factors.

If you have a gun or weapon aimed at you, you must roleplay fear and comply with the demands of the player. This is not valid if you are at a reasonably far distance. Note that Fear RP still applies even if you are in a car with your engine on and within a reasonable distance. If you are driving at a reasonably fast speed, Fear RP will not apply. Fear RP also ceases to apply once shots are actively being fired at you.

RDM (Random Deathmatch): When someone kills others for no reason.

RDA (Random Arrest): When a campus security arrests for no reason.

NLR (New Life Rule): In terms of roleplay, every time you die you start a new life. Breaking NLR means that you respawn with memories of what happened. EX: You’re killed by a bully, and you respawn with the intention to get revenge.

LTAP (Leaving to Avoid Punishment): This is when a person leaves the server when confronted with an admin sit or valid RP situation.

If you crash your car while attempting to chase someone you may not continue to initiation, it is failrp you must seek medical assistance

KOS (Kill on Sight)

AOS (Arrest on sight)

You MUST initiate on someone before you attempt to harm or do anything to them.

Both parties of the initiation must be aware completely of the initiation before anything continues

Third Party Initiation Is Not Allowed.

If you get into a car accident you may not roleplay normally you must seek medical help

Anyone caught hacking/exploiting or cheating will be permanently banned from all Defcon Nation servers.

Note that flaming, bullying, or blatant disrespect that is OOC is a bannable offense.

Keep your names Roleplay Friendly. No copying famous people or celebrities.

English is required at all times in-game.

You must base to grow weed, make meth, cook food, make coffee, craft (Not doing this will result in loss of stuff with no compensation or a ban)

Stealing government vehicles is not allowed

You may not body drag under any circumstance. Body dragging can result in finishing someone off.

Max mug is $1000

Admins may only talk OOC while in a sit, Talking OOC while in-game is failrp and may result in a gag, kick,  and up to a 20 minute admin jail time

No trading/selling illegal content or doing any criminal actions in Green Zones(Exception for PD when a jailbreak is initiated)


Home / Base + Building Rule(s):

Kill-Boxes or Prop Traps or anything of the sort is not allowed.

Prop Block/Kill in any form is not allowed.

To base you must own the property or have a friend do it


Store Robbery Rule(s):

You must stay in the store that you initiated the robbery at.

You may not randomly join in the store robbery or sneak around unarmed, then pull out a gun and assist.

You are not allowed to run around the store being robbed trolling/baiting the cops or robbers.

You are not allowed to initiate the store robbery as a means to bait officers to the area to set up an ambush or etc.

You must still do a verbal initiation when robbing the store

Robbing a store with anything other than a gun, or knife will be considered FailRP.

A hostage must be legit and not a friend or acquaintance, this is FailRP


Jail Break Rule(s):

Must have 6 ACTIVE police officers on in order to do a jailbreak.

MetaGaming is not permitted at all. You may not use OOC information for IC matters.

Purposely baiting officers with the intent of them initiating with you is a violation of both in-game law and the rules.



Police Rule(s):

Baiting/taunting the police is not tolerated.

You may not talk on the radio or use your cellphone whilst restrained.

You are only restrained if the police officer says you are [within RP] or you are physically restrained.

If you are detained at the time of server crash, you MUST come back to the Sheriff’s Department unless you are told otherwise by the arresting officer. You must come back to the pd with the same items you had when you were first arrested, dropping any of your illegal items or clothing before returning will be considered FAIL RP.

You may not rob, assault, kill or threaten lethal force on a officer conducting a traffic stop. If the situation escalates with an officer attempting to physically restrain, search or arrest the driver or any occupants then at that point the vehicle occupants or bystanders etc may interfere, still adhering to RP standards for initiation etc.

If law enforcement officer does not physically un-restrain you, RP must be continued as if you were still restrained.

You may not jump out or escape a car while restrained. This counts for zip-ties.

While restrained you cannot open doors or interact with NPC/game mechanics (Ex. Elevator buttons)

Body dragging is a valid reason to be arrested (If admins are not on, see also: General Rules)

Only police may call 911 for the following reasons: Panic Button, Requesting Backup or anything related

Once someone is being arrested no one may interfere until they are in jail

If you are running from a police officer and crash you may not hop out and pull out a gun, this is FailRP


EMS Rule(s):

Any crimes committed against a Medical Employee will not be tolerated. This can result in a ban.

EMS are allowed to be corrupt, however they CAN be fired for it with proof.

EMS must remain neutral at all times, and can't favor Police or Criminals.

You cannot run away or interfere with EMS after revive. You must follow their rules. If an LEO is on scene, they may RESTRAIN OR ARREST/DETAIN the individual.

EMS cannot interfere with RP situations until Code 4. (Gunfights, Bank Robberies, etc.)

EMS must be a fair amount away from any active situation until Code 4.


Civilian Rule(s):

Civilians cannot use ANY government equipment. (Traffic Cones, Cars, Flashbangs, Attachments, Guns, etc.)

You cannot declare war against the police force, or any mass group that would result in violence or conflict.

You cannot use any advanced medical equipment. (Basic medical bandages found in crafting are good.)

You may not rob, threaten, or kill an officer if he is only detaining you, or performing a traffic stop. You must carry on the Roleplay from that situation until it ends, then you may initiate.


Gang Rule(s):

You may not declare war on Law Enforcement

You may declare other gangs as enemies


Green Zones:



Police Department (Unless a Jailbreak is called)


Fire Department

Bank (Unless being robbed)

Car Dealer

Car Repair Shop

Car Spawner

Gang Hideout

More to come and be updated

Click here for reference doc


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