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Hey Defcon Staff, its Savage and I'm here to clarify some new things.


New Staff Strike System

Some of you may have noticed but Galaxy the Community Owner @Galaxy and I @Savage made a new Staff Strike System a few days ago here is a brief tutorial on it:

Warning 1 [Only Given by SD+] - You will have no punishment and received this to inform you that you have made a wrong decision.

Warning 2 [Only Given by SD+] - You now may or may not receive a punishment at this point, the punishment can range from a 1 - 7 day suspension at maximum.

Warning 3 [Only Given by CM+] - You will for sure be given a punishment at this point, the punishment can range from a 5 day suspension - Fired Staff or Blacklisted Staff. 

*Warnings are with you forever as staff, they do not expire after a time, after receiving one. Warnings will be kept track in a spreadsheet accessible by Staff Directors and above only, which will have the date it was assigned, who assigned it and the reason assigned. In the TeamSpeak Server you will receive a group stating what warning you are on. 


Global Name as Staff

As staff you now must have your [Steam Name, TeamSpeak 3 Server Name, Forums Name and In-Game Name]  ALL THE SAME.

Failure to do so can result in a demotion this is to keep a better track of who is staff and who is active.


Dual Staffing

You guys may already know as you can see from my last post that there is a new rule you can have staff on a maximum of [2] servers now. With this new rule you now must RE-APPLY as if you were a new staff member to that server there is no more transferring servers or being added because you have a rank on another. On your new server you re-apply to, you will start from Trial Staff/Moderator and work back up again. Server Managers can now only have a rank on THEIR server and that is it. This is to make sure our servers are being managed properly and actively.

*Please note some rules in Dual Staffing wont apply to some due to those donating to bypass the rules.


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