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Ban appeal

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What Server: SlaveRP

What is your name: Paranoid

Link to Steam Profile:

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:147726271

Was it a Temporary or Permanent Ban: I do not know, but it has been at least a week since the incident

Staff Member who Banned you: I do not know

What was the reason why you were Banned: I left during jail. In jail for CDM'ing a rebel even though I was a PK.I thought CDM would not apply, if the class that I was trying to kill was KOS. (If you are not aware, the Rebel and Peacekeeper class are KOS towards each other) An admin saw the event and said, rather quickly "You can't CDM even if the class is KOS to you" then swiftly put me in jailed me.  I felt as if I was wrongly jailed, so I left. (Yes this sections was pasted, as I put that second half in "Why do you feel you should be unbanned")

Why do you feel that you should be unbanned(75): I was unaware that CDM was still CDM, regardless of a KOS status or not. And leaving the jail was a mess up on my part. But a week ban is a bit much, considering the most I've been given was 3 Days for RDMx2 in the past. But I think the ban is perm. All the ban card says is "You have been banned from this server". A perm ban is way too much for leaving during jail. I've seen 14 hours AT THE MOST. After several attempts to find out my time on the forums, I've made my appeal anyways

What have you learned from being banned(50): I've learned not to CDM, regardless if a class is KOS to you, or to others. CDM is still CDM. Leaving from jail is also a no-no

Will you ever do this again:

Any Additional Comments you would like to add:


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