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[MethRP] Things that have to change due to unrealistic rules

Survey   11 members have voted

  1. 1. What does the server look most likely ?

    • DarkRP http://gmod.wikia.com/wiki/DarkRP Mixture of realistic jobs and a portion of a jobs from other gamemodes to make the server more interesting.
    • MethRP. Lots of criminal drug jobs involved to create the atmosphere of 1980's dark towns and has lots of ways of cooking drugs where most of the DarkRP servers don't support.
  2. 2. Map change into a medium size town with forest ?

  3. 3. Edit and Create more Realistic rules for example the ones i've suggested?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don't care
    • Yes but not the ones you suggested.

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5 posts in this topic

Unrealistic kidnap rule in other servers an person can only kidnap one player if the kidnapper is teamed with other people as well he can kidnap more players nearby him. In other servers armed government jobs like cops ETC can't be kidnaped unless they are surrounded by multiple criminals and ask him to drop the gun or the police officer gets tased.

Jail in air if you break a rule.

Not going to state list of admins that do that stupid thing but let  me just tell you the point of saying this. So recently I've seen you get jailed If you break an rule sure that is a good thing to do if the player is some mass RDM kid or just not listening to the admin but when you jail and leave him at the air when that person's jail timer goes out he will receive an fall damage and most admins jail most of their rule breakers in a sort of medium-high air therefore the player's health goes to 20 % or 50 % depends on the high but is just stupid thing for an admin to do is better if they are jailed in the admin base if the player does talk then there is an command to mute him from talking. I mean really logic.

No teasers for cops

If a cop doesn't get taser how the heck can he stop an close range criminal and handcuff him properly.

Here is all the problems of the server and I won't explain much about them is just faster for me to highlight them.

Lack of realistic jobs < you can add an bus driver or delivery driver lots of add-ons are available in this ape era. Old meth lab there are lots of add-ons that provide different ways of cooking meth really don't use the old one which takes ages and it's very simple I think you should make an job called drug supplier and let him sell drugs to jobs like drug dealers or just create an black market auction house and make it more realistic because there are lots of DarkRP servers have this meth labs. People get rich easily every server, Server sells money rips off the economy in the server, Most of the jobs are pointless,  Lots of staff members no point having that much, No realistic death like wait 60 sec and wait for paramedic to heal you, No phones to call police more realistically but yes i've seen the command !911 but phones can be used to call other services like taxi, Taxi costs money I was like lmao 250k  I mean really thats why the server has less players on is too UNREALISTIC and it doesn't go much with the METHRP because the server is like DarkRP really -_- logic

Overall: If this server is tagged with MethRP you have to beat the other gamemode DarkRP by really showing that MethRP  has more opportunities of realistic crime and drugs cooking and when you take an genre like MethRP it has to be a Medium Size Town with some forest on it and not have a huge cities that cause players to lag while using cars sadly I am not hired to fully suggest the server what so ever map they should pick but is easy thing to figure out just google darkrp maps and have choice picking.


I could of have said more but I got a bit bored of it and also didn't pay attention to make it too nice to read like grammar and put some commas in most places.


 It's not to give more of a bad side viewing this forum post but the point of this forum post is that the community managers must man up and fix some of those stuff which a gaming server owner with 1 year experience can figure out easily. In most parts I will undersatnd that you won't agree I don't mind but at least show support on some of the other things i've said.


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I really appreciate you taking the time to make all of these suggestions, I will be sure to mention it in our weekly meeting.


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These are all wonderful suggestions that you have made and they will definitely be brought up in a meeting or something similar. Thank you for taking your time to create this topic @peterfoy01


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What you suggested just sounds like CityRP


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I think these are pretty good rules to differ us from DarkRP


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